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It was right there in the OP . . . The DVD Copy Control Association was able to argue that when a consumer purchases a DVD, they only have the rights to play that DVD. In essence this ruling shuts down the legal availability of software/hardware devices that allow you to copy a DVD onto hard drives. They will not go after consumers. But they will go after the companies that make and sell the software and hardware that allows copying.
It's just another brand new TV tech. It is going to follow the exact same path that all the others did:1. Design a concept2. Build a prototype3. Build a pilot line to manufacturer a few hundred to see where issues are, where money can be saved, etc4. Build a full production lineNeither CLED, OLED nor UHDTV is going to help Sony bring back profitability to their TV division by 2014. They will all be too expensive to be considered mass market products.If any additional info...
There is a difference between statistical analysis . . . and guesswork..Sony's TV business is CTD . . . Circling The Drain. They need something that will sell in the millions right away . A 55" CLED isn't it. Just like it won't be their 84" UHDTV.Do you know 100% for sure that they are going to use segments to build a CLED or is that just more guesswork? All those prior TV technologies can be used as precidents for CLED. It's just one more TV tech, that's all. The only...
Decades old business practices and procedures is not "guesswork." Ah . . . the ONLY size we know of is 55". Are you aware that according to the most recent sales figures for televisions worldwide, displays that are 50" or larger only represent 12% of total TV sales.Well - more than you obviously do. No it isn't. This "form factor" as you call it has been around for years. It's how they make the large outdoor displays . All Sony is doing is miniaturizing it for indoor...
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Fox owns distribution rights to the original Star Wars, No. 4 in the series, in perpetuity in all media worldwide.http://www.hollywoodreporter.com/news/tangled-rights-could-tie-up-384541"in perpetuity" means . . . for everThe article goes on to say:
Like you said, Disney owns Lucasfilm's properties and contract rights. They also "own" any previous contract(s) that Lucasfilm did with Fox. Those contracts remain in force. If he has a contract with Fox that says that #4 Special Edition is the only version that they are allowed to distribute forever, then nothing changes by Lucas no longer having any vested interest in the original Star Wars: A New Hope.I believe they are called "Grandfather Contracts."
http://www.hollywoodreporter.com/news/tangled-rights-could-tie-up-384541As far as the May 2020 deal:
Three TV improvements more worthwhile than Ultra HD 4K http://reviews.cnet.com/8301-33199_7-57540238-221/three-tv-improvements-more-worthwhile-than-ultra-hd-4k/
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