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All Lumagen video processors use Lumagen's proprietary "No-Ring" scaling. This scaling also includes mosquito noise reduction. So you get much better scaling along with mosquito noise reduction to help clean up the signal from your set top box. We have had many reports from our customers that the Lumagen processor gave them a much better picture from their cable or satellite TV. Randy Freeman support@lumagen.com
You can purchase a used Lumagen HDP, ProHDP or HDQ. These units should be inside your price target. You can down load the latest software, for free, from the Lumagen website to add the CMS feature to any of these products. Here is the link for software updates. http://www.lumagen.com/testindex.php?module=updates If you are interested in the Lumagen ProHDP send me a PM. Randy
Here are some timings for 720p. Vtotal 750 Vactive 720 Vfront 5 Vsync 5 Vrate 59.94 Htotal 1650 Hactive 1280 Hfront 110 Hsync 40 Colck 74175824
Many new displays have a green color point that is well outside the color triangle. This tends to make inaccurate flesh tones and florecent green grass. The LumagenHDQ has a basic CMS system that will do a good job of fixing of these issues and give you much more accurate colors. We always recommend that you hire an ISF certified calibrator to calibrate your system. A calibrator has the training, experience and equipment to calibrate your system so that it performs to...
If always find it useful to look at somebody else's calibration settings for a display that I'm going to calibrate. Normally I don't use their settings as a starting point for my calibration, but it helps to see their solution. I especially like to see before and after graphs of the display response. Randy Freeman support@lumagen.com
Adding some more audio modes to the Radiance audio EDID is on our list. It is presently a low priority. The priority could go up if we receive more requests for this. You could try passing back the EDID from your receiver. The audio EDID in the receiver might include PCM 7.1. Randy Freeman support@lumagen.com
You can run the low voltage cables together. Keep the low voltage cables at least 12" away from the AC lines. If you need to cross the the AC power lines, cross at a right angle to reduce noise pickup. A 103" diagonal image sounds reasonable. I would call Da-lite technical support for advice on the best screen material for your installation. I've always found their tech support to be very helpful. A mat white screen is simple and easy to clean, if necessary. Gain...
The Lumagen video processors allow you to enter the aspect ratio of your display. In your case you would enter 2.00. There are buttons at the top of the remote control for the input aspect ratio 4:3, LBox, 16:9, 1.85, 2.35 and Non Linear Stretch. You just need to press the appropriate input aspect button and the correct back bars will be added to the top and bottom or the sides of your image on the display. Randy Freeman support@lumagen.com
The RadianceXD and XE support the same audio modes up to 7.1. The RadianceXE, with HDMI 1.3 inputs and outputs, also supports DD True-HD and DTS Master Audio. Randy Freeman support@hotmail.com
The latest rev of the RadianceXD/XE manual is available on our website. It has been updated to include all the new commands and features that have been added in the last few months. http://www.lumagen.com/testindex.php?module=manuals Randy Freeman support@lumagen.com
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