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This is an unusual application where you have a HDMI video source and are switching between HDMI audio and coax audio on the same input. Part of the issue might be your system configuration with HDMI1 output on the Radiance connected to your receiver and then the HDMI output on the receiver connected to the display. Try moving the display to HDMI2 output on the Radiance. You might have better results by using HDMI1 output on the Radiance for audio and the HDMI2 output...
The Lumagen Radiance video processor has a full CMS (Color Management System) that does a great job of calibrating the color triangle on the JVC RS1, RS2, and now the RS20 projectors. Our products are in use on many JVC projectors to eliminate the fluorescent green grass and get nice skin tones. The LumagenHDQ has a basic CMS system. This system can be used to mitigate the color issue on the JVC projectors. Many customers have reported that they are very happy with the...
I have used several different models of the JVC D-VHS tape decks. They work very well but the gap on the head is very small. You need to clean the head a lot if you use VHS tapes. Get a good non-abrasive head cleaning tape. That is type of cleaning tape that requires you to apply a couple drops of head cleaning fluid to the tape. Keep the head clean and it will do a great job for this application. Send me a PM if you are looking for a used JVC D-VHS deck. Randy
You could have your calibrator contact us. We are available to answer any questions you have about calibrating your system using the HDQ. Randy Freeman support@lumagen.com 503-574-2211
I would use the heavier gauge Monoprice or BlueJeans HDMI cables. I've installed a number of 50ft Monoprice cables and they have worked well for the particular equipment in the installations I've done. I haven't had to use a HDMI repeater yet, but I stock one in my truck for the day that it's needed. I would avoid any high price brands of HDMI cables. I've seen too many issues. IMHO the medium price cables are much better. You can pull two runs of CAT5 with each HDMI...
The Lumagen video processors all include mosquito noise reduction. It's part of Lumagens proprietary "No-ring" scaling. Our video processors work very well to clean and scale up SD cable/satellite signals for display on HD displays. Randy Freeman support@lumagen.com
All the Lumagen video processors support an anamorphic lens. We have posted technical tips on our website that show how to use our products with a fixed or movable anamorphic lens. http://www.lumagen.com/testindex.php?module=manuals Randy Freeman support@lumagen.com
The Lumagen Radiance includes a selection for 768p in the output mode list. You can use the internal test patterns to check that the Radiance is driving your display in "pixel perfect" mode. We include specially designed "Lines Vertical" and "Lines Horizontal" test patterns. You can use these test patterns to confirm that scaling is turned off in your display. Randy Freeman support@lumagen.com
If you have an HDMI issue in your system you should update the firmware on your receiver and all your video sources. This can make a big difference. You should also see if there is a way to update the firmware on your display. HDMI issues, on your system, can require some time and effort to troubleshoot.
It is easy to create banding on your display if you make an abrupt or too rapid change in the gamma curve. 1. Many displays have a gamma setting. 2. Radiance gamma factor. Press "Menu, Output, Configs, [configs], Color Mgmt, Gamma Factor". 3. Radiance grayscale. Press "Menu, Output, Configs, [configs], Color Mgmt, Gray/Gamma". Randy Freemansupport@lumagen.com
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