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We added this to the Radiance list. We will look into it to see how much work is involved in adding this output mode to the Radiance. Even if we output this mode you still might need to adjust your CRT projector so that the mode gets displayed as a 2.35 aspect ratio. Best regards, Randy Freeman
Some of the Radiance Technical Tips that are posted on our website provide good explanations of the Output Configuration Memories and examples of how to use them. See Radiance Tech Tips 1,2 and 4. http://www.lumagen.com/testindex.php?module=manuals Best regards, Randy Freeman support@lumagen.com
We decided that it would be much more cost effective to use an external HD-SDI to HDMI converter with the Radiance. You get the same quality using the external converter. Randy Freeman support@lumagen.com
You can connect all of your video sources to a Lumagen video processor. Then you connect one cable from the output of the video processor to your display. The video processor also gives you the ability to fully calibrate your video system. Randy
I added this mode to the list. We will check it out and see how much work it will take to implement. Best regards, Randy Freeman
The eight output configuration memories can be used to store setup data for one or more displays. Everything that is in the output configuration menu can be stored in different output configuration memories. Press "Menu, Output, Configs, [output config]". This includes settings for things such as different output modes (1080p24, 1080p60, etc), different gamma calibrations (day vs night) and calibrations for two different displays. Best regards, Randy...
It is true that a modern fixed pixel display can replicate a black pixel and then a white pixel horizontally. But on a CRT display there is no way to replicate a back and then a white pixel horizontally. The specifications for HDTV television were set a number of years ago when the CRT display was the the dominate display technology. The signal bandwidth of a HDTV signal was limited for "real world" video to match the limitations of a CRT display. This is helpful because...
Many recent displays have a green color point that is well outside the color triangle. We have received many reports from customers that they have greatly improved the color on their displays by using the Lumagen CMS system to reduce the over saturated green. We have technical tips on the Lumagen website that show the procedure for using the CMS system on the Vision and Radiance video processors. http://www.lumagen.com/testindex.php?module=manuals Best...
You could use a Lumagen HDP or HDQ video processor. If you purchase a used unit you can download the latest software from Lumagen.com Randy Freeman
CMS stands for Color Management System. This can be used to move the position of the primary and sometimes the secondary color points. Many recent projectors and displays have a green color point that is well outside the Bt.709 color triangle. This can result in an image with fluorescent green grass. The display companies do this to make their display stand out when compared at the video store to competing products. Lumagen added a CMS feature to all their current...
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