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The manual does indicate that, but my 6007 plays the 24/192 files just fine. I suppose it's possible the receiver is down-sampling my 24/192 files to 24/96 and i'm not enough of an audiophile to notice, but it will play them.And for what it's worth, while playing them, it does indicate either 176.4kHz or 192kHz in the OSD as they're playing.
Does anyone know what's included in today's firmware update? I updated, but nothing is standing out.
Did you try setting it up as one of you "radiomarantz" favorites and trying to access it that way?
I don't have an answer for you, but i can tell ya 2 things. One, i'm able to tune into the channel here in Buffalo. And two, i've had a similar problem with the local Bills station (not that that's relevant, just pointing out the irony) but it happens randomly and not all that often. The few times i've noticed it happening have both occurred at times when i'd already had the channel tuned in for a few hours - it would just "go out". Interestingly enough, i checked the...
D'oh!!Thanks. Trying that now.Edit: It's now working. Thanks again.
And i forgot to mention, i have another WD external drive that the Marantz reads just fine. And yes, i've transferred all my music on to that drive. Nevertheless, i'm curious as to how formatting a drive can ruin it in the eyes of the 6007.
Problem. I have a WD external hard-drive that i've been using to run my music through the 6007 via USB. In general, it was working fine, but I was forced to format the external drive in order to get rid of a small number of corrupted FLAC files that the 6007 didn't want to play nicely with. Anyways, after formatting, i re-installed all my music, but now the 6007 won't read the drive at all. The front dial sits on "Please wait..." and the drive itself will "power up" for...
An addendum that may (or may not) be of interest to some is that i programmed a Harmony Remote 670 with the music and movie buttons, but holding it down on the Harmony apparently doesn't have the same effect. At least for me, on the 6007. I need to use the remote that came with the Marantz to change the music and movie modes.
For 3D imaging alone, I actually enjoy some of the stuff that Samsung has available through their 3D app.
Sounds like (s)he's referring to this: http://www.engadget.com/2013/01/08/netflix-super-hd-3d-streaming/
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