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Well, Samsung managed to get people to think the LCD/LED is wonderful though the reality is that Plasma is superior. Manufactures in fact have done it so well that Plasma is just about dead now. Not the first time inferior tech wins out
OLED, OLED, OLED.Been hearing this dribble chant for years.Where is it and where are the cheap prices?
Excellent review Mr. Ralph. Appreciate the insight as usual.
Can't wait to read it Mr. Ralph!
The disc was great. Might have enjoyed it even more the 2nd time around. F1 rocked in the 60's, 70, 80's and even a bit into the 90's. Not been so good the last 15 years or so though there have been a couple of good seasons. The cars have gotten ridiculous. Yeah, they are quite safe but I miss the old school cars from the 70's and 80's especially.
Look forward to the review Mr. Ralph! Will be watching on a Samsung PN-60E7000 60" Plasma. This one does seem like it will rate buying the 3D version. If one has the equipment of course.
Looking forward to Mr. Ralph's review on this one. I do have the 3D version pre-ordered. Did not get a chance to seeing it in the theater so I am anxious to see this. 4 more weeks.
Great movie. Watched it Sat. night with the wife. A well done movie that got really good towards the end. Hanks was great as he usually was. Thanks for the review on this one Mr. Ralph. It was spot on.
What a great movie. Saw this at the theater on release day. Very well done movie by Ron Howard. The acting performances were good, especially by Daniel Bruhl who was just a dead on Niki Lauda. Highly recommend this movie to anyone that has not seen it. Will be getting the Blu-ray on day one for sure. Thanks for the review Mr. Ralph!
A bit skeptical of OLED frankly.Some of the new 4K sets look great.I currently have the PN60E7000 plasma and just love it.Going to be a sad day when plasmas officially come to an end. I fear this could be the last year.Of course, 4K sets are coming and from what I am reading, some at pretty good prices. This also spells doom. Not really heard of any 4K plasma tech though I recall someone showing one some time back.For 1080p, plasma is the bomb. If anyone is just looking...
New Posts  All Forums: