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You have to use the driver, but it is for 32-bit OS only. You also have to play it through the box in order to record from firewire. So if you can't play any of the shows through the box, you can't use firewire to record it.
The packaging looks like counterfeit to me if you compare the larger top pictures in the auction with the smaller bottom legit pictures under it. It also seems to have other signs of counterfeit packaging as from this example: It might still work though if anyone is able to purchase and test.
Having seen the finale, the thing most noticeable about the DSLR footage was the shallow DOF. At times, it seemed a bit too shallow.
Try HotSpot Shield. If the newest version is not working properly, try 0.942-2.
Does the TM700 come with any warranty in the box?
TM700 has best manual controls for camcorder with its manual ring. MkII may be awkward to hold for skateboarding, but could work. You will probably want a fisheye lens for whatever camera/camcorder you choose.
Here is a video showing different shooting options at low light: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QRmcQlhxpDk
5DMKII has a 4GB limit, or 29min 59sec limit, whichever comes first. After that, it will stop recording.
The trailer before Avatar had amazing 3D effects! Too bad there isn't a theater playing this within 1000 miles.
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