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Thanks man. I know all about winrar but the firmware update info is much appreciated. My came with 1.4.7 on it and I didn't think it was that bad really, but I'd like to check out the newer modified version. So I'll hop over there and give it a shot. Thanks again for the help and info. I might pick up a 350 down the line so I can use the wireless in a different room.
Thanks man. Got it all figured out. Unit does exactly what I wanted it to do!
No, I'm trying to share off the computer. I added an account named "media" with the password set to "gate" and it is now working. Odd, you would think that would be in the instructions. Only thing I would like to figure out now is how to get this to work with my firewall back on.
Just got my MG35 today. I connected it to my router and it picked up a valid IP address through it's default DHCP setup. Unit appears functional as it sees my pc, and I can ping it from the computer. I followed the directions to share a folder, enable Guest on my XP SP2 machine and turn off the Firewall. But I can't get the MG35 to connect. It says that there is a problem with the share setup. Does anyone have any ideas on how to solve this? It should be a pretty...
Oh man, that's perfect! That's EXACTLY what I'm looking for. Plus I don't have to worry about modding anything. Thanks a ton Mark. Really appreciate the help.
Thanks Mark. The price is definitely right and the specs of what it plays looks perfect for my needs. I have a few quick questions about it though I was hoping you could answer. 1) It appears I need to add a hdd to the unit. So must the files be transfered to the MG-35 before playing them? Or can it stream directly off my pc? 2) If I need to transfer the videos to the MG-35 before being able to play them, can I do it through the network? All the vids I watch...
Hey guys, sorry to ask a question that's most likely been asked several hundred times already, but here goes. Can someone point me in the direction of the best video streamer for my needs? The only thing I want to do is stream video files from my pc to my tv through a wired network. I had a Tivo which did everything I needed, but I just dumped that when I switched to Fios TV and now need something to get those vids up here. I've been browsing around and thought the...
I've run into the same issues on some shows, but with the dual tuner it's not really an issue. Most shows air the same time every week, so just set it up for that time slot. But I do agree that they need to resolve the guide data issue. Tivo was about 99% with that. But, it appears they are making strides so I've gonna give them some time.
I have to say guys, that after a few weeks with the 6416, I don't know what all the drama is about. Sure, it's not as polished as Tivo is, but it does everything a DVR is supposed to do. First off without having to dish out $300+ I get a perfect picture on my TV. It also records schedule programs like it's supposed to and gives me VOD which I never had and really like. Honestly you guys had me thinking I was walking into a nightmare.
Yeah, my research has led me in many directions and I missed the simple solder fix for the overheating warning I guess. As far as the other issues, I'll reread the 14,000+ posts I've gone through over the last few weeks and get back to you. So that puts the Mits at the top of my list again. Now I just need to decide on which one.
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