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I have the TV set to FULL on all inputs. I have no blu-ray rips. I just can't seem to get standard web content (text especially, as here on AVS) to look normal. I'm willing to accept some difference because 1920x1080 on a 65" screen is big, but there's definitely room for improvement.Color temp Normal looks better than Warm1.
I have an HTPC connected to my VT60. Other than labeling the input as MONITOR, are there any settings I should be changing to optimize PQ as a monitor (text, viewing web content, etc.)?
Is there a reasonably priced alternative to the JS-30 speaker stand?
After searching retail stands, I couldn't find one with the dimensions, weight capacity and design I wanted for the right price. I'm having a stand custom built and I'm wondering if I should go with my first instinct: Same width as the TV, just deep enough to house components and the perfect height to put the center of the screen at eye level. I'm starting to wonder if I should get it a little bigger, though. It won't cost much more, but I also don't want my new 65" plasma...
Tipping is flexible, IMO. It depends on how difficult the delivery is, their level of professionalism, etc. For my 60ST50, there were two guys and I gave them a $20 bill to split. I also offered water, which they thanked me for but declined (bottled or canned beverages might be accepted more than a glass). They seemed genuinely appreciative for the $20. I'd have tipped the same for a 42" set or a 65", since it's attaching the included table top stand and moving the set...
It's been a year and I'm still thinking about this. Just checking to see if there are any Stressless owners that have done this, and where/how they were mounted. Thanks.
I don't have the clearance for a Subdude platform and I'm wondering what level of isolation I can expect from these rubber feet from Parts Express? Would felt tape under each help? Thanks. http://www.parts-express.com/pe/showdetl.cfm?Partnumber=260-772
I'm at 8'. I've had 32", 47", 50" and 55" sets. 47" was definitely acceptable. 55" seemed big at first, but I'm now looking at 65". I can always move back a foot if I need to, but I don't see the point in getting a 60" when today's prices are what they are for 65" sets. My priority is Blu-Ray movie PQ though, and I came from a 120" dedicated theater with a12' viewing distance. I'm a bit biased from missing that.
mysq: What set did you end up with? I'm looking at the ST50 and the 60PM6700 as well. My thread is here if you have advice to offer. Thanks.
Question for anyone who looked at the 60PA6500 vs the LG 60PM6700: Are the sets the same, minus 3D, Smart TV and an HDMI input? If not, what's the difference? A comparison on LG's site didn't reveal much. Motion blur and blu-ray PQ are more important than price to me. Thanks. ETA: Seems they are. A call to LG and another member here confirmed that.
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