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So I go to watch the new episode and see a repeat of Big Bang Theory starting up instead. What happened? Was there a live event that preempted things, and why not just cut out BBT?
So I've had them hooked up for the past couple hours. So far, they seem to be working great. They're almost silent, yhey turn on and off with the AVR since they're powered by USB, and the unit has gone from hot enough to shut itself off to being nearly cool to the touch.
Well, they should be here tomorrow according to Amazon. I'll set them right up and see how it works. Are Onkyo's known for running a bit hotter than most AVRs? I know my old one got pretty toasty, but then again so do most AVRs.
Thanks. And after checking Amazon, it seems they carry the same items, but with free 2-day shipping. So it ends up being a cheaper solution than I was expecting. Here's hoping it works.
Thanks for the link. It looks like just the place I need. After looking around for a bit, I think I'm going to go with this: http://www.coolerguys.com/840556090557.html It seems like it should be quiet enough. Plus, since it is powered over USB, I can plug it into the front USB port of the receiver and it should automatically switch on and off along with the receiver. Does anybody have any comments or suggestions about going with this? And when I do get them, would...
So I just got a new Onkyo TX-SR313 receiver to replace my old Onkyo. The new one seems to run so hot that it shuts itself off periodically. It's in a component rack that is completely open on all four sides and has several inches of clearance between the top of the unit and the next shelf up. At first I thought I might have a short in one of my speaker wires. I checked all of them and they all seem fine. My next step was to just place a floor fan down in front of the unit...
So I got the guide working finally. I first chatted online with tech support. They tried sending a reset signal, but it had no effect. They sent a service tech over the next day to take a look at it. He said the signal looked good, aside from some minor noise, likely from a neighbor along the line. He swapped out the splitter to eliminate the line to one room that doesn't currently have a TV in order to try and reduce the noise, and then reset the boxes again. 12 hours...
I just moved to the area and got Comcast Xfinity with a DVR. Couple questions. How long should it take for the guide to download? It's been overnight and is still only showing four or so hours ahead before saying 'to be announced'. Also, how long should the online DVR manager take to finish 'syncing with DVR'? That's also been going since yesterday.
I don't need the projector at the moment, but I'd love to get a Nexus 7 out of this.
I agree. Hopefully the Charger gets fixed up for next season. It's been shot at and damaged so many times, they must know an awesome repair shop. As far as product placement, was last night sponsored by the re-bar association?
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