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No Dirac in the LS-10, 10 band parametric EQ per channel only.
Nice! Even better if he gets 'round to Three Friends and/or Octopus.
New Mini DSP product with Dirac Live room correction
Thanks, Eric. Now we know it's their problem and not some obscure user setup issue.
Dude, this all started with a comment about the fallacy of shooting the damned thing with a tank round. My reply was based upon some semblance of a real-world scenario, not one in which the screenwriter can give the creature ridiculous, mythical invulnerability powers./out
Current GBU-28 package will penetrate 20' of concrete, in-development MOP will notionally penetrate 60' of concrete before detonation.
Yup, why screw around when you can use one of the laser guided BLU series bombs e.g. BLU-113, nuclear, if necessary.
JBL Synthesis. Pro cal "only", bring money.
The identities, at least, were no secret even at the time.From top to bottom:1) ARCOS optimized for a single seat2) ARCOS optimized for 6 seats3) Lyngdorf Room Perfect4) No correction5) ARC6) Audyssey XTYes, all of these products have evolved over the past four years. Still, the general findings i.e. folks prefer more linear, downward sloping response with extended bass, should still be valid.And yes, no one has performed anything like this study since '09. Lots of folks...
With my old-timey, eclectic tastes, there's a lot more info there so I lurk for the latest news. Amazon originally priced it @ ~$120, then dropped it a week later to $74, only to raise it to its current, lofty price. Very glad I jumped when I did.
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