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Are you looking for or selling? I am thinking of selling mine.
Man just listened to a pair of 802s hooked to a McIntosh dedicated 2ch, these are the best speakers I have ever heard. Although for the price it should be, also listened to the 803s these are very close to be honest. I ended up buying CM9s and a CMC2.
I know the chroma and other issues come from HDMI 2 unfortunately, can those be adjusted via the picture adjustment menu to come in line with a proper calibration or are they just too far off to correct?
Yeah like a small cover, anyhow it sounds like I have some decent home work to do with measuring and some configurations and whatnot. One other question do people generally think the Audessy or Audessy Flat is the way to go, I am not sold either way but if they operate like they should as far as corrections what do people think because I just want to do 2 sets of measurements next time, Audessy Off and Audessy Flat/On?
The mic is located where I am sitting when I measure at ear height.
I have the digital RS meter, I am measuring from my listening position with a stand and cover over that bar table you see behind my couch since I thought it might cause reflections. I am using a Samson C01U Condenser USB Mic. @GIK I thought I might have been measuring too low, as I remembered vaguely about measuring loud enough to get true results.
Ok I did not calibrate my SPL every time I thought it only needed it once, thanks.
This is getting kinda silly now, so is there any mode or HDMI that presents a Bluray as intended by the director. I'm not interested in Oppo's artistic freedom at this point "adding NR" when its not necessary and not as intended. At least give us a mode where we don't have to have the processing, is that HDMI 2 now?
Here is my room, All the posters are framing 2" OC703 with the exception of the 007 one, which has an additional 3 in of OC703 behind, I know I probably need to pull it out from the wall and the 2"in isnt necessarilly doing anything. In my drop ceilings is all pink fluffy in every batt.Don't mind the paint or carpets or my child, we didn't pick the carpets or paint and I haven't had the time to replace them yet.Rear of the roomUnderneath that ledge with the white top is...
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