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I've got two mfw-15 drivers collecting dust, too. 😀 I look forward to seeing what you choose and build. -Max
I used some white Duratex for my Econowave SRs: And my pair of BFM Autotubas: I got white because I originally built the Econowaves to use outdoors in the sun at Burning Man. I liked the way they sound, so I ended up using them in my living room, too. I built the Autotubas for another festival, but ended up not taking them. They provide bass for the garage. Bass in the house is handled by my 6-foot THTLP, which is also painted white (not Duratex) with giant bacon...
Get winisd to play "what if". Sealed puts f3 at about 80hz, iirc -- too high for full range use. Definitely go ported to get adequate bass extension since you aren't running subs. -Max
Is that a 13B-RE that I see? No rear cylinder to be bothering thee! :-)-Max(in a rhyming mood)
Note that the amp requires a separate power supply, thus spoiling the bargain.
FYI -- A 2x4 is actually only 1.5" wide. And 3.5" inches across.Still, I think your installation is likely just fine. I don't think that being 1/4" off center will cause any problems.-Max
Thanks LTD02. Everyone interested in speaker design should read that. It starts with some extremely accessible descriptions of what happens as the listener moves up and down in front of a speaker. It gets more technical at the end, but I think I still grokked most of it.It sounds like 1/4 (or 3/4) the height of the room is more ideal for woofer height, too, which seems much easier with the woofer below.Thanks for the tips and info.-Max
It seems like noise floor can be a significant issue with these high-sensitivity speaker designs. I'm not defending this stack as sensible :-), but I was running an unbalanced miniDSP with an iNuke3000DSP (not using the internal DSP, but the amp is the DSP version), connected to the pre-outs on my Onkyo 805 and the hiss was audible from the listening position. It was annoying. Then I built a passive crossover for that speaker and connected it directly to the 805. The...
I'm getting ready to make some SEOS-15 / DNA-360 / TD-15M tower speakers, using the same drivers and crossover design that I used for a center channel here. I want to make some interesting and attractive (to me ) cabinets. One design idea is to put the woofer above the waveguide, but I'm not totally sure of the acoustic challenges, so I started this thread to ask for advice. Here's what I think I know: 1. The waveguide should be approximately ear-level in height. So if...
I think I'd like many of the first designs better (and I generally like them already) if the cannon pointed to right, which maybe also means that it would be positioned to the right of the text. I'm probably crazy, but it feels weird to have the cannon fire backward relative to the direction that you read the text. -Max
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