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I screwed some felt furniture pads, since I didn't have any rubber washers. Be careful not to screw all the way through the cabinet -- you don't want any screw points sticking out the side. -Max
Check this thing out: http://www.synthtopia.com/content/2012/03/07/university-of-wisconsin-engineering-students-build-absurdly-huge-bass-cannon-let-it-kick-it/ Edit: D'oh! Sorry for the repost. Mods, feel free to delete.
It's just the hiss / noise from the electronics. Filtor1, what electronics are you using? You can't hear any hiss or buzz, even with your ear right up to the waveguide / driver, with the system on but not playing anything? -Max
Wormraper, that is expected, at least with some electronics and power line conditions. This is true for all high sensitivity speakers. A side effect of not needing much power to play loud is that any noise will also play louder than it would on other speakers. Some electronics are "quieter" than others. Power line noise can also play a factor. For instance, there may be less noise late at night when you and your neighbors aren't using a lot of power. Unless the noise is...
This may have gotten lost in the discussion, but here's a specific reason why you should consider buying a mic and testing the frequency response with REW:Maybe there is some other way to tell if you have a polarity issue. I know nothing about that issue with the SHO-10s, but if I owned them, I would search for more information and verify that my speakers do not have that problem.I would not butcher the SHO-10s that you have, unless you just want to play and aren't worried...
FYI -- here's my SEOS15 / DNA360 / TD15M center channel speaker build: http://www.avsforum.com/t/1440924/seos-15-dna-360-ae-td15m-center-channel -Max
Mine will use a single td15m per speaker. I already built the center speaker, but the l and r will be slightly different. I might end up building a new cab for the center and making them all identical, though. -Max
My TD15Ms are 8ohm. They will eventually be passive, but they might be active first. I think that I will build them ported, but I'm not 100% sure yet. -Max
I've been away from AVS for a while. I would check in and browse the threads periodically, but I wasn't building any speakers so I wasn't posting much. I miss you guys! However, my schedule is clearing up, so I will be building my SEOS-15 / DNA-360 / TD-15M towers soon. :-) While I was away, I built a mobile interactive LED video wall for Burning Man. Two of us built the whole thing. :-) It's a 4-wheel e-bike with a ~8.7x4.4 foot LED video screen, a Kinect sensor, and...
Does the TV have a headphone jack? Post the mfg+model of your TV and the speakers, and internet ninjas will help you much more than they can now. -Max
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