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They replaced the lense in front of the IR sensor and removed some internal label near the sensor (I was told it was interfering with the sensor). I am not sure what else they did - I am travelling at the moment - will ask the repair shop and get the bulletin number. Panasonic sent a kit to the repair shop for this problem. They called me to tell me the repair would be delayed by a couple of days until the kit was received by the shop. All is fine now.
I posted recently about a remote control problem on this unit (http://www.avsforum.com/avs-vb/showt...033029&page=28). Just to report - there is now a service bulletin on this problem. My TV has now been repaired...
For mine it is about 90 seconds. I did find that if I turned off Viera Link it was much faster. Since I do not have other Panasonic equipment that makes no difference to me...
I bought myself a Christmas present - Panasonic 37LZ800. Works great except for one annoying thing. When you turn it on the remote functions will not work until it warms up for about a minute and a half (only when the unit is cold - works fine if it is warm). Tried several remotes - all the same. Anybody else see this? Oh - and Merry Christmas!!!
I am in Charlotte and running Mythtv systems for my HD content. Does anybody know the frequency (freqid) or valid channel of Universal HD (UHD - channel 87 TWC)? I receive it fine on my HDTV but for some reason the tuners in my Myth box don't report the frequency (or valid channel) correctly.
LOL - This is what I get for trying to do to much at one time. I thought I was in TWC - sorry guys and thanks for the reply...
I am in Charlotte and running Mythtv systems for my HD content. Does anybody know the frequency (freqid) of Universal HD?
I am running a Mythtv system with 2 HD tuners (QAM capable) and have been noticing the same problem with WSOC-HD noted above (dropped frames). I have programmed the system to track these events and they seem to occur mostly during specific times and broadcast types - only during HD broadcasts and rarely during commercials (or anything less than 720P. Anybody have any insight to this problem?
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