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Yes, absolutely. Wheeler plans to save broadcasters by doing away with broadcasting? That's counterintuitive at best, and blatantly subversive at worst. Broadcasters don't own the content that he would have them deliver over the Internet. Broadcasting is a delivery system that competes with cable and Internet. Everything else is going wireless these days, which makes sense because wireless technology eliminates much costly infrastructure, so why do we want to eliminate the...
Channel Master makes (or used to anyway) "Join-tenna" units which can insert from a separate antenna the signal for one specific channel, and other companies may have similar units. But if you have multiple stations in different directions, the easiest (but probably not cheapest) solution is to simply use multiple DVRs with an antenna connected to each one. Even if a rotor could be controlled by the DVR to re-aim the antenna as necessary, sooner or later you would need to...
I tend to prefer dull, dark finishes on electronic equipment, and when I was shopping I thought the shiny metal rim around this panel was tacky at best. But because of the great reviews (and the picture quality I saw in the store) I bought the set anyway. After living with it for a while, the look of the bezel doesn't really bother me, but I still wish Panasonic could have made the metal rim gunmetal gray instead of silvery white. As you say, the picture quality is what...
If you're certain it's the tuners, you probably know more about it than I do. Are you saying that multipath has already hopelessly trashed the data stream by the time it gets to the demodulating step? Can you cite any papers explaining how chipsets split the digital signal processing duties between "tuning" and "demodulating" tasks? I'm always interested in learning more about OTA reception problems, since I'm sadly all too familiar with them. Thanks for any insights.
It could be that the tuners (or probably the demodulators) in the DVR+ are not very good at handling dynamic multipath distortion from the moving tree limbs. Has it been reported which chipset the DVR+ uses?
Actually, an amplified antenna that close to the transmitters would probably be overpowering its own internal amplifier, and thus feeding a distorted unusable signal to the DVR's tuners.
I don't think the thread has actually been hijacked. A certain amount of comparing and contrasting of the subject unit versus the top-shelf competitor (TiVo) is probably inevitable and constructive. It's good to know how much functionality is available at various price points. If moderators start screaming "Exterminate! Exterminate!" every time someone mentions the T-word, much useful discussion would be stifled.
Oops! I've never owned a DVR+. But I've seen similar comments in other threads and forums, so I guess I should speculate there.
Was there a tuning adapter involved in this? Their job is to secure a temporary channel for your use when you select a Switched Digital Video (SDV) channel. But exactly how is that process managed? Maybe the TA expects the DVR to request the channel at the beginning of a program, and then it holds onto the channel until the program ends. Is it possible that the TA and the DVR could refer to different program guides? In this case, could the TA have believed that the program...
You should be able to download the owner's manual here.
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