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I have a ST50 for well over a year now. The rainbow flashes dont go away my wife and I both see them. Most content you dont notice except of scenes with extreme contast. Such as a dark cave with torches. Sin city is the absolute worst. I gave up trying to watch that movie. I still dont regret getting it because of the inky blacks. Using D-nice settings with the contrast at 76 brightness 56 seems to be the sweet spot.
The dimming you are seeing is a power cut off feature. When the screen is filled with bright white the TV cuts the power draw and the whites appear grey. This is due to some limitation imposed by the FCC I believe. I heard about disabling this in the service menu but I have not found anything to date. This is most distracting when watching TV because the image has to be a lot brighter.
This is normal. Neoplasma has dithering when viewed reallt close but at normal viewing distances you cannot see this. The line bleed is also normal for plasmas but nit visable during normal content . Only some game menus and graphic images. Caveots of this plasma technology.
Pretty much. The easiest way to reproduce the phenomenon is to flick your eyes around the screen refocusing on different points. From side to side left to right or right to left. Any image that will be very dark next to white or yellowish bright highlights I see blue/white hot flashes. You can minimize the effect by lowering the contrast and using bias lighting.
Its been over 400 hours on this set. The hot flashes as id call em are still there. You do get used to it and depending on the movie I dont see them at all. Get some bias lighting and use D-NICE settings you should be happy.
Yeah and its exactly what I see. Try to watch Sin City theres actually scenes where you can see phosphor trails from the huge black and white contrast. Outside of flashing. Its really seizure enducing.If you want to try some interesting observation. Grab a 3d movie. For some reason this does not happen in 3d at all
I could not return mine so i decided to deal with it. You are right it really depends on the movie. If the director used less high key lighting and there is detail in the highlights then you will see less. A dark show or movie that has bright highlights in juxtaposition with dark shadows will show the flashing. For me its mostly yellow and blue. I suppose I got used to it , it doesnt drive me as crazy anymore unless I'm looking for it.I have since then gone...
If you saw Avatar in theatres there were plenty of scenes that had pop out. Unfortunately, I could only experience them on my sony Bravia LED. The ST50 did not have similar effects besides the Window depth. There is plenty of Pop out in this film and if you dont see it pretty much confirm my experiences with Panasonic 3d as simply not being that great.The two scenes that come to mind are one: when Jake is running thorugh the woods and stops on a branch and the white...
I too have been struggling getting pop out on my new panasonic ST50 Plasma. I found getting better depth by calibrating the display using the game mode. Suprisingly enough the game mode has better brightness than the custom mode and handles motion and crosstalk better. I have screened a bunch of movies and the pop out is a bit lacking on this set. On my old sony bravia LED certain scenes in Avatar and Alice in Wonderland were floating in the room and poking you in the...
Ditto but I ran my set for 200+ hours with no burn in. Played with 3d yesterday at 100 contrast for a few hours and to my suprise the word MENU seems to have stuck. Been running slides overnight, its not huge but annoying. Seems like running 3d makes the plasma more prone to it. I did not even leave the menu on for long. Few seconds at a time changing settings for calibration.Ironically enough, I have watched plenty of sports and the pixel orbiter seems to...
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