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On January 31st TWC Sports Channel 2 HD will be added. At 11pm tonight Soapnet goes off the air on Surewest and Disney Junior might replace it but not Bounce TV that will place G4 HD or Mundofox.
Some how 990 62,2 is gone from TWCKC maybe because nobody will add it.
Surewest is to add more HD channels soon and in the guide it says QVC HD so maybe it's channel will be in that spot in the near future and it's HD channel,would have more information on the side. KPXE has 6 Digital Sub Channels and KSMO TV only Mundofox at the moment and 617 is available so is a lot in 620's.
Good to know. lake TV is know.on Co-Mo Connect and has it in HD but no KY3 Westher Plus yet and it and Charter,Sudderlink don't have KRFT Digital Sub Channels or otters that Springfield gets.
LWN will be back in. KC area in the near future. Sinclair know KRCG so it could add digital sub channels. KMOS is not KC area Cable Systems but KTWU SD is. Another problem with Wiki is for Mundofox it doesn't show 62.2 yet but KSMO TV Wiki does and not even Mundofox Website shows 62.2 yet.
Yes it is for Surewestkc customers and I say 621-629 will be HD Channels same as 618 not Sub Channels as we can hope. Maybe 597 will be MSNBC HD. Mundofox is live on TWCKC don't know about Comcast,Surewest,Charter,Sudderlink and do on.
QVC HD Surewest 604 but I was hopping it might 628 LIfe,619.Qubo,620 ISHOP,621 QVC HD and 622 HSN HD. As of this Morning no Mundofox yet on Surewest.
50.6 HSN but IONTV has dropped 50.7 Telemundo from all it's, Wiki sites. Mundofox launches tomorrow on 990 TWCKC hopefully Comcast and Surewest,Cbarter,Sudderlink,Cabke One and so on to. Surewest next round of channel changes happen tomorrow with channels going to Digital Tier happening tonight WGN,GSN,Soapnet. https://fiber.google.com/cities/kansascity/channels/changes/ 2 new ESPN channels for College Football.
Comcast and TWCKC have more HD Channels then Surewest but it will catch up to them and with Time Warner for sale better chance for Surewest to get TWCSP channels and Metro Weather in the future. Comcast uses dies your latest bill give Mundofox channel,number and so on?
Another to add HSN to ION TV.
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