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When using the PS3 and selecting "full RGB", rather than "limited", blacks will totally crush-out UNLESS you connect the PS3 to the DVI port. If you do this (via an adapter) you will get more detailed blacks, and generally better contrast, than selecting "limited" and connecting via an HDMI port. Selecting "full RGB" via an HDMI port gives, as mentionned above, very unpleasantly crushed blacks. The wider color-range of the DVI port should be of interest to anyone...
Charles - Guitarman, Am I right to assume that the higher the gamma setting I use, the more detail I will see in blacks/dark areas? Also, why did you guys chose Film as opposed to Video or SRBG? What are the differences you've noticed betwen the degammas? For those shopping, this guy, in Canada, offers GREAT pricing, and is also trustworthy/reliable: look up solutionsav.ca His name is Drew, and he has been a member here since 2004.
It's not like this thing has a disc drive...
Aside from price (let's pretend they both cost the same) is the Hd80 better than the HD81 (non-LV) in performance? What problems, other than the bad auto-ris which I suppose you could just turn off, did teh HD81 have? Was it faulty often? Thanks!
Thank you!!!!
Output 1080p24 from Ps3 to this projector. This is not processing the Blu-ray at all. A Blu-Ray is natively 1080p24, not 1080i, only SD DVds are natively "i" (480i). To get an "i" signal off a Blu-ray, the player must interlace the signal - in other words it must use processing to "invent" a 1080i signal based on the 1080p info it reads off the disc. Besides, PS3 processing is actually very, very good in all respects. For exmaple, upconversion is top-notch,...
I know Photoshop, and the concept of 255 per RGB channel colorspace, but I am wondering how these parameters work in a device like this.
Inches of offset = center of lens from top of resulting projected image, based on distnace of projector from screen. 9 inches at 14 feet means that the center of the lens will be 9 inches above the top of the projected image when 14 feet away. Offset as a percentage works similarly. Let's say you have a 25% offset. When far enough away to project a 100 inch image the center of the lens will be 25 inches above the top of the projected image. This is for...
Isn't True Vivid a processing gimmick seperate from Brilliant Color? In my Hd72, True Vivid is useless crap, but Brilliant Color most certainly is not, and van be adjusted from 0-6 Have they renamed Brilliant Color True Vivid now? Or is Brilliant Color just always on in the DH80? I am extremely curious as my delivery date approaches. HD80s are majorly back-ordered here in Canada, and have become the top-selling front projector at my local dealer.
Thanks Charles!!!! On behalf of us all, you deserve real Kudos
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