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Swith to standard mode, and reduce sharpness.
By the time 4 years roll around, you'll be able to buy this TV new for what the warranty costs, or something even better.
Simple answer: Yes. Hd is not just better pixel-count, it is better color. Both MUCH better. 1080iTv shows, de-interlaced, are really 1080p30fps shows. 1080p is how much res, in reality, present in a movie theatre. Now you have that at home.
Properly de-interlaced, a 1080i show, like Discovery HD, is actually a 1080p/30fps broadcast. Despite what the idiots with the green shirts might try to tell you, a "1080i" TV, with 768x1366 pixel resolution cnannot show you all the information in a 1080i signal. Most broadcast HDTV is 1080i
Sure, other lcd projectors have better black levels when the screen is perfectly black but teh Hd80 outperfoms the non-CRT majority in the much more relevant arena of black-levels when there is also bright content on-screen. As a film-maker, I have almost never shot anything that did not use the full luma-gamut. Even a night scene has some kind of bright object that is at maximum exposure - otherwise it is a boring, flat image. Watching movies, I have rarely seen...
These reviews refer to the old firmware. Remaining problem is that our playr mus force 24fps, not detect it automatically, as the enid signal is off.
It might just be the way they measure it. Other DLP products generally had lower ansi, and the JVC HD1 far lower by their estimates. Does DLP generally have higher ansi than plasma?
According to AV Guide: Contrast of HD80 compared to Panasonic 50PX77U (Both after reasonable calibration) (Ansi is checkerboard) Panny: Peak contrast: 3111:1 Ansi: 235:1 Black : 0.018 ftl HD80: Peak Contrast: 3522:1 Ansi: 208:1 Black: 0.005 ftl So, basically, an HD80 has the same contrast as a Panasonic plasma! (Assuming you have a good bat-cave...) AND... The plasma has way more dithering noise, and does not de-intrelace 1080i 24fps film...
Something I don't quite understand: The HD80 has EXCELLENT color saturation, even in dark areas, but yet the black levels are good, but not as good as a plasma's or LCD's would have to be to get such excellent saturation accross the luma range. A plasma or LCD would look a tad more washed out if its black levels were equal to the HD80. (Am I right about this?) I am fascinated to know why or how that could be. Does anyone know? Also, does the HD use 12 bit...
The guy at Projector Reviews is a bit of an idiot... 1 - Try his color settings. (They are horrendous, and show a complete lack of understanding of how to calibrate a display - most of us could do better, without using a disk (without even pausing content (LOL)). If I used these colro settinsg, I would think my HD80 SUCKED. 2 - See if you can take what he says seriously, ever again. I also find it rather suspect that no one compares the HD81 to the HD80 - in any...
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