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No MHL. if the roku stick has another power source then yes. If it requires MHL for power than no.
First make sure zone 2 is set up in the menu and weird up correctly. Than use the app to turn On zone 2 and adjust the volume etc.you can also use the remote but the app will makes it much easier.
I remember the one on NES. It was awesome. Kinda reminded me of bionic commando where you go in the rooms to communicate. Still one of my favorites from back then
Also the should be an app for your phone where you can see the in and out of the information for audio and video. Lastly check the game to make sure you are using the right audio selection from in the game menu. I have a ps4 and sc-1222 in case you have any other questions
Slick deals showed the elites for 115 yesterday
PlayStation app had been updated. Fixes the constant turn on your ps4 issue, adds voice messaging (ashtray pact on the ps4), and now has live view.... So you can watch all the play room shenanigans
1 until your subscription runs out. It will have an expiration date somewhere.2 not sure what you are asking
Try turning on your receiver first?
Look into the omate (spelt something like that) smart watch. It will do what you ask
I am getting random turn on which I think is from the app. However today it ejected the disc then kept trying to effect things and would not take a disc. Rebuilding the database seemed to have worked as powering down and unplugging did not. Any one else have these issues?
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