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After about 2 and a half hours going between hold and attempting to get transferred and then dropped, I finally by chance got on with someone that had the ability to enter cablecard data into the computer. This replacement card though still was unable to get most of the channels so a couple days later I had a tech out. Tech verified my finding that the signal level was too low and “fixed it” by removing the splitter supplying the set top box and the tuning adapter saying...
Cablecard. Everytime I wait for beyond a resonable time I get dropped as soon as they transfer me. Last guy said he took down my number and would call back if the transfer didn't go through.....I'm on hold yet again of course.
for the second time after waiting in queue for 45 minutes, I got dropped as soon as they transfer my call, who installed this new phone system verizon.
What is up with this beyond abysmal service tonight.
I believe it was with the moto box with the larger hard drive, no idea on the software. Both boxes are set up identical on display settings. One box would shrink to fill about 2/3 of the screen left justified when using the dvr menu, and to make it really strange the progress bar and position indicator would act like normal once you starting playing something, but would be clipped off on the right about where the screen ended when the dvr menu was open but the recorded...
It seems cycling the bedroom box fixed it's problem, but I can not schedule any recordings and while I can start to play a recorded show, I can't stop it, FFWD or anything else. Guess I'll need to go cycle the host box.
I'm not talking about the programmers trying to schedule to make DVRs inconvient, I'm talking about setting a 9-10pm record that ends up doing 9:03-9:55. As for the scrreen issue, both are 1080p tvs and set in the guides to display 1080i (as 1080p isn't available). And there must have been something pushed today as when I came home both my boxes are screwed up, going to unplug the bedroom one now to see if that fixes it as that is having the more severe problem.
One odd thing I noticed with the new trio, when looking at the recorded program list on one tv I had just enough programs to fully occupy the first page. When viewed on the other box, I had to scroll to look through the recorded list. Not a problem, just an interesting (at the moment) difference.
When I had the moto box with passport, it would do weird things like start a recording a couple minutes last and maybe end a couple minutes earlier. The programmed recording time would be correct, but the actual recorded length would show it didn't follow the setting. At the time it was most affecting just certain channel(s) but did eventually fix itself; guessing one update cause a problem and another fixed it.
But if they made things clear then they couldn't have such snazzy ads out there telling you how much better and cheaper they are than the alternatives.
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