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would replacing my cf 70s with rc lcr's be a worth while upgrade?
Many of us see that scenario as an impossibility, as I'm sure Toshiba does too. The lifespan of HDM will be much much much shorter than DVD due to newer emerging technologies right on the horizon. Toshiba knows this, which is why they weren't interested in throwing half a billion at studios to keep HD DVD alive.
It is still coming out, I bought it at my Wal-Mart last night.
I am still happy with my HD DVD player. When I can get a profile 2.0 Blu ray player (or xbox add-on) for $150 or less, I will think about jumping into blu-ray. And that is IF there isn't a downloadable product out there that I consider more cost effective.
Saying digital downloads won't compare or exceed HDM any time soon because netflix doesn't offer it yet is ridiculous. There are many other ways to broadcast high bitrate HD material (satellite for one).
+1 I love XBL, especially the fact that it basically comes free with a game console I'd own anyway (vs AppleTV)
Please explain what you mean by this. Why does dd depend on HDM?
If by "moving forward" you mean push and promote high bitrate digital distribution, then I'm on board.
I am saying most people can't tell a difference between 720p and 1080p, even side by side, except on very large screens - but that wasn't my point. My point is, very few people can tell a difference between high bitrate (40mb/s) and low bitrate (10-15 mb/s) encodes using advanced codecs. Everyone likes to believe they can, but almost nobody can under normal viewing conditions. Which is what makes this thread pretty silly. When DD and VOD stop using Mpeg2 so much and rely...
So people here seriously believe they can notice a difference between 1080p at 18 mb/s versus 40 mb/s? You all seriously believe you could notice which one was which side by side? Diminishing returns, I'm afraid. I call BS. In fact, I would be willing to pay $100 to someone that could identify an HD DVD/Blu Ray playing next to it's XBox Live Video Marketplace version next to it 9/10 times. (unless it's a 150"+ screen) Yes, they look that good. Of course, audio is a...
New Posts  All Forums: