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Well I emailed ATI or B&K and there repair prices were right in line with a local shop so I wanted to put something out here before I spend $300 on an amp that is wort probably 400-500 max. Ill try some of the advice given and go from there!
Hey guys, I recently had some channels go out on my B&K 4430 amp and I wanted to see if there was anyone hear that specialized in amp repair or had some ideas on how to fix them. I have read through a lot of the forums on amps and I didnt know the best way to go about asking for help so here it is What is the best way to fix blown channels on different amps? How have you guys fixed them in the past and is there anyone that could possible help (paid of course) to...
yeah sorry Scott I picked em up when I saw them I have been looking to buy a sub and I was going to go for the new Mach 5 18 but I figured I could get two of these for the price of one of those. I will check on which model they are for sure. Thanks for the links! I have been looking around trying to see different options and NeoDan's looks pretty cool. Thanks for the thoughts and idea's!
Hey guys! I have a pair of maelstrom's coming in this week and I plan on running the pair in their own sealed boxes. My question...what is the most ideal size box to run these in?? Also, from a power standpoint, how much per box can these take? Thanks! Ben
lets hear it for local excuses any other thoughts on people that run these on how they sound??
Excuse PM'd
Look into Jim Holtz Statements. Those can take a ton of power and sound insanely good. I havent looked back since getting a set.
Compression Driver upgrade and matte finish
How many people have gotten their speakers so far? Im almost at 2 months since ordering and I am way ready to try these out!
Whats the status of the BC upgraded speakers??? Timing wise.
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