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There has been some speculation that they will release an 80" Elite this year (based on the current 60" and 70" models). Pro-80X5? But I think that is still pure speculation (nothing concrete as far as I know). When I bought my Elite, Robert mentioned he thought it would probably be March/April 2013 before the next generation of Elites are released. But once again I don't think there is anything concrete/confirmed there either.
Thinking about getting ControlCal and taking a run at calibrating on my own based on the postings above (just for fun. I love this stuff).1) Can ControlCal only be used with the Serial/RS232 port on the back of the elite? Or is there another way to connect it to the Elite. Asking mainly b/c elite is mounted on wall with very thin mount and not sure how I am going to plug that cable in .2) Also ControlCal is just a program to easily manipulate the Elites Settings Correct?...
I know that all too well. My wife still does not get why we don't just have an old 32" 4:3 TV. Much less why we have a 70" TV that costs $6000+ when Costco has a 70" one for $1900. The eyes begin to glaze when I tell her how superior the elite is to the lower sharp models. At that point I just hit her with the "Since when do haircuts cost $200?". That usually ends the conversation,BTW if you have cash (versus a no interest card type thing) Chris at Cleveland Plasma has...
Poor Best Buy. They have become a showroom for the internet Savy. I did the same thing with my Elite. Countless hours spent at BB only to order from Robert.
Look at post 3388 in this thread on Page 113 from Ken Ross"Thrang, DSE put simply is the effect you notice when a camera pans across a grassy field, a blue sky or the ice during a hockey game. It's an appearance of the screen looking 'dirty' during these pans...as if there is a subtle fixed shading (in some displays, not so subtle) as the camera pans. You generally won't see this effect when either the camera is stationary or there is no solid color for your eyes to see...
Anyone have any suggestions for reasonably priced 3d glasses for the elite for kids? The glasses that come with the set just fall off my 4 and 6 year olds faces.
Has anyone used these type of HDMI cables from Monoprice on their Elite. I want to mount on wall with this cord but really afraid the space on the back of the elite is not big enough for the round part of the connector. Looks like it may hit the back of the TV when trying to plug in. Also afraid these cable won't "flex" enough. They are the silver plated 24 AWG cables. I need to run through wall and am looking for best possible...
RadTech what area of the country are u in? When my set shows up I am going to definitely get it calibrated. Do you know if Kevin is in or ever makes it to So Cal area?
Thanks, After 8 months of lingering in this forum and stopping at Best Buy once a week to "drool" over the set, I decided "the heck with it".
Is the Sanus great due to stability? I am asking simply because is there a added benefit to this one or is it simply one of the only mounts that will work with this TV's bolt pattern? Doing a google search on it it states it is for TV's up to 65". But I would assume it works fine for the 70" as you are using it. Thanks for the quick reply.
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