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The 500 is a couple of years old so no browser will ever be included. The new 700, due out this summer, will probably have one. But unless it's compatible with a keyboard, I wouldn't even think about it. There is nothing more annoying than trying to surf the internet with a remote.
And that's why I'll keep it until it turns into a slag heap!
MoFi does not do any SACD's in multi channel, only stereo. Hybrid means it has a CD layer that will play on any CD player.
And happily, not a named winter storm or reality show in sight!
Agreed. I'm not paying it much heed other than the wish list of more than a few audiophiles. I also wouldn't expect it to happen for a long time, with the new remasters coming out soon. They wouldn't want to cannibalize sales. OTOH, they better do it soon before we all start dying off. 20 years between remasters is a very long time.
Unless you want the vinyl and the booklet, save your money and wait for the DL's to be available elsewhere. You know no dollar will be overlooked, so they will come out eventually. If you're just looking for the CD's, get the 2 disc. If you just want the single CD, wait for the reviews to see if they're any better than what's out there. And no, it's not blasphemy to buy CD's. Whatever makes you happy is what's important. BTW, there are some rumblings of 5.1 on these...
You're right Bill. I shouldn't feel bad because a company can't be bothered to fix their product. I've been trying to remember if the corrected version ever came out in the DE and only recall it was sent out if it was requested. Of course it's probably sitting on a shelf somewhere in a warehouse. My guess it was right next to the DE they just sold on Popmarket.
I posted the Popmarket link over at SHF and have since eaten some humble pie about this. Did the corrected version ever come out in the anniversary edition or did the record company just do one pressing and send the corrected version out to whoever contacted them about it? The pessimist in me thinks they never fixed it in the first place.
Shipping is included and they don't charge until shipped. I think there is a minimum for free shipping. I just ordered something from them and got it in 2 days. If you don't have Amazon Prime it's always a crap shoot when the thing arrives. I plan on using Bull Moose a lot more in the future. Competition is never a bad thing.
I wound up ordering it from Bull Moose. A lot cheaper than Amazon on this pre-order and it had the extra benefit of not giving Amazon all my money.
New Posts  All Forums: