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I believe you will be surprised.
I saw BS was still taking pre-orders, while Amazon UK had canceled them. There seems to be a lot of fudging on the release dates of many of the HFPA BD's, not just this one. In fact the entire rollout of these discs has been erratic, to say the least. I'd probably wait until after a particular release comes out before I ordered it.
At least it's more on topic than bombers.
Some sellers have canceled pre-orders of this. Seems to be common with a number of HFPA releases. If you must have it, look for the SACD.
Agreed. It's too easy to get caught up in the frenzy on the internet. Whatever happens, happens. It's not like most of us don't have enough versions of these things to tide us over.But I'm still panting for Tales in surround!
I can't get any confirmation on this. Right now there are rumors flying around the internets but nothing concrete. There was also a report SW is working on Tales. Again, nothing definite. Hopefully this will work itself out in the next few weeks.
The upcoming HFPA releases are supposed to contain more surround mixes in the future. Nothing will be changed from the existing releases. It may be possible to pick up some stuff in surround that's been long OOP, instead of paying the insane prices these things are selling for on the internet.
AFAIK, Passion Play is still the next Tull, done by SW. Who knows when ELP BSS is coming out. Wasn't it supposed to be out by now? I've been sworn to secrecy about the next Crimson but it's going to be a surprise. That's if Mr Fripp doesn't change his mind again. Chris Squire's Fish out of Water also was originally supposed to be out by now but there has been no word for a long time. Squire is a notorious slowpoke.
I agree with you. They should do them in order, but there probably won't be a great deal of interest in the stuff before TYA. My guess about GFTO is to try to cut off sales of the recent Audio Fidelity release. But Fragile, Tales and at least Relayer should come before GFTO.
The surrounds and the video content are the only redeeming qualities. At least there are enough other stereo versions out there. Still, no digital version can has come close to the vinyl.
New Posts  All Forums: