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I wasn't making a value assessment. I was posting conjecture as to their seemingly bulldog like jaws locked pursuit of this where other outfits let it go. As far as Atmos and positional and object placed audio that is untested waters as far as the market is concerned. Nothing stopping Emotiva from procuring licensing and adding it in a future model, just like all the main players. It's going to be interesting once this hits end users living rooms. Third time the charm?
With all the failed launches, or outright abandoned, of a modern Pre-Pro by the boutique labels (Parasound, Sim-Audio, Outlaw the list goes on) I think Emotiva felt they were uniquely positioned with some cash on hand to tackle this. It's been ambitious even not taking into account their past missteps or outright failures.That tells me they think there is a huge gap in the industry for a high end pre-pro at the $2K price point. I am assuming they will also offer this for...
I wouldn't say they go no where. Check out this Polk Audio thread where a large contingent of Polkies ended up with egg on their face:http://www.polkaudio.com/forums/showthread.php?107804-cable-break-in-believer/page3&p=1437022#post1437022Just follow on from my initial challenge. I would say there is proof out there. I did the same with an AVSForum member. Even Amirm, of all people, was forced to admit my test is a box the subjectivist can't climb out of.
The Commodore Amiga was ahead of it's time. It introduced many concepts in computing that are now taken for granted. It was WAAAAY ahead of its' time and it was also a failure.Same with the Atari (Epyx) Lynx.
The speakers response to input is flat as in it's going to react in a uniform manner to the INPUT. If you have a cymbal crash that is going to peak the output at 102dB and you have a kettle drum at 98dB it means the speaker is going to reliably re-produce what is on the recording as intended by the engineer that mastered it.You don't even understand what a flat speaker response means.
I think the market is diminished. I don't ever think it will go away but there will be fewer players. I certainly think for electronics it's game over however. The only thing truly meaningful high-end will the the speakers and the customized rooms they play in.
Don't forget MiniDisc and MMC storage. Sony's history is littered with format failures.
Any day of the week you want to put on a blind fold and put a Crown I-Tech HD in the rack with what ever Pass Lab you like. Pass doesn't step out of a Bugatti and Crown engineers off a yellow school bus.Same for Lab Gruppen, Powersoft, QSC. They have engineers and more of them. Not to knock Mr. Pass but he's not the only brilliant guy in the amp biz.
My understanding from the podcast is that June will start to relieve the back orders.
The podcast indicates that volume shipments should happen in July (that would be quickly catching up back order).
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