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When CineMotion is set to Auto 2 or off does Motionflow even have an effect? Whats the difference between Motionflow and "Frame extrapolation"? Thanks!
I actually owned the 2550 (Best Buy version) but had to return it. The main reason I bought it was because of the HQV upscaling chipset for regular DVD's. The picture/sound were fine but I decided to return it after multiple lockups. I decided on the 550 and have had no gliches what-so-ever and the upscalling is on par with the 2550. Hope this helps!!
Does anyone know if SONY is planning an upgrade for the 550 to allow streaming Netflix movies like Samsung & LG? It looks like the new 560 adds wireless, subtracts the analogs but still no mention of Netflix?
What is the best way to increase the sub volume to match my personal preference? Using the level control on my subs (I have 2) or the level on my Denon 3808? What has the least impact on the calibration results? Thanks!
Hey JohAV would you mind sending me a PM with an authorized dealer that has the 3808 at that price? The only place I've seen it that low is on eBay. Thanks!
I had the same problem with Pearl Harbor but when i tried the same disc in my PS3 I got the same grainy results. That is why I think it's the movie and not the 5000.
Well Santa delivered my 5000 today and so far I'm in awe! Ordered from ABT and it came double boxed, with free overnight shipping, no tax and $130 below the new list. The build date is 12/07 and software version is 071108.02_1114_0924.11_XAA. I played Dante's Peak (HD) first and had no issues (no glitches and excellent picture/sound). The second movie gave me a little scare though (Pearl Harbor - BR). There was noticable noise in most of the sceens. But after I tried...
My 5000 is coming tomorrow from ABT Electronics - can't wait!!
Have you contacted Samsung about this issue?
Well the board they installed did not work and it took 6 weeks to find that out! Sony tried to order more boards but the technician really thought it was the panel. I couldn't wait another 6 weeks for it not to work again so long story short Sears gave me a new set and life is wonderful again! No more watching the 720P Panasonic they loaned me. Got to give Sears credit they came through in the end.......
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