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Quote: Originally Posted by texasrattler The high end Samsung LED tvs will have micro dimming plus. How good that is to local dimming no one knows just yet. Thx, guess we will just have to wait and see.
What??? Crap, I just decided it was time to step up and buy a new Samsung this year (currently have the 750 and love it, but need another larger set) and figured the top of the line would be impressive, what with 2+ years from my last purchase. I have forgotten some of the "lingo" since the last time I was on these boards, but tell me what this means (the lawsuit). I want a 65" top of the line set with the best contrast available (from an LED,,,,I just say NO to...
Thank you for the suggestion. Always great to see a newbie chime in with a smartass comment. Of course I will read the thread, IF I THINK THE DAMN TV IS WORTH MY TIME. The starting point of determining that (for me) is the opinion of people with the tv who have had experience with both side and backlit lcd/leds. I'm sure there are some on here who have had that experience and would not mind giving their opinions. But hey, I appreciate your 2cents from the "5 posts"...
After fully enjoying my Samsung 52A750, I am considering the purchase of a 65" panel from Samsung within the next few months (52" just doesn't seem big enough anymore). I haven't been on these threads for a while, so I am a little behind on the newest/latest/greatest. This set, the 8000, is it, right? If so, I am a bit concerned about the side lighting. Every set I have seen with side lighting has been inferior to backlit, and suffer from problems with uneven...
BINGO, I just jumped in here after a VERY LONG hiatus, to say I am still LOVIN my 52A750. Incredible PQ. The only thing I want more of is SCREEN. I will probably break down and buy a Samsung 65" at some point, but very happy right now.
UGH, whats the deal with the 650 Model? I have been waiting and waiting for Samsung to come out with a 65" set, but not if it is going to be the lower end of the 120hz spectrum. Why not a 750 at least?
Let's hope August brings us some 60"+ sets from Samsung. I love my Samsung 750 LCD, but am almost ready to bump up to the LED models if they can bring home a 63"-65" set at a reasonable price.
+1, thanks Tom, both for the great comparison and for being honest, which can be hard in the emotionally charged debate between Plasma and LCD. I love my 750, and can't think of another tv I would rather have, except for MAYBE a Samsung LED (not sure, would have to have one in my home before I could compare). My only complaint at this point is I wish the 750 came in a 65".
If you are not having problems, do not update. The first updates added some new features, such as Film Mode2, and fixed existing problems. The latter updates fixed specific problems, but should not be used unless you have that specific problems. If you go to the website, it should have the latest updates, and you can click on them to see what is fixed,,,,,at least that is what I did some time ago. I have stayed at 1009 even though there are several additional updates,...
I would return it if it is pushing green really bad. These sets, while not perfectly calibrated by any means, still should look pretty good right out of the box.
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