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just about to order...SOLD OUT (Newegg).
Thanks coderguy for your helpful feedback. Can we upgrade the firmware at home ?
Ok. So there is Lcd alignment (motorized pixel alignment) but it is in a hidden menu. Thank You. I will look into this....
Hi Siegmund011, Are you sure european versions of the 5010/6010 (TW8000/9000) don't have LCL Alignment ? Do you know any other differences between the different versions ? Here in Australia the TW8000/9000 comes with 2 pairs of 3D glasses but I thought the machines themselves are identical.
good question movie_fan. My earlier Epson projector had a couple of dust blobs at 200 hours. My room is pretty clean so i'm pretty scared of these Lcd projectors.
Hi ered, How would you compare the Benq w5000 to the Optoma for 2D performance ? ....The Benq w6000 is on my short list at the moment and I think it has similar characteristic to the w5000.
I can also comfirm bluray playback on Ati: -win7 64 bits -Ati HD5770 -Dad's Panasonic 3d plasma 2010 model -using $5 hdmi 1.4 cable...have not tried hdmi 1.3... PowerDVD 11 + AnyDVD to bypass encryption?.. tested 20+ versions of 3D from mkv sbs to original 3d iso and 3d movies from bluray folder...all works great using Ati Hd5770. (originally I thought I had to change to Nvidia or upgrade to Hd6xxx card). Have not tested 3d games yet...but will in the next coming weeks...
The pair of glasses...only when purchased from AVS ?
Thanks Gizmotoy.
bump. ...this was not possible when I tried the BB when it first came out. Has there been any changes ?
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