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My Motorola DCT6416 does not work with my remote anymore. I can press any button on it and the remote will light up, but the remote LED on the DVR does not blink like it is seeing any infrared. I've even tried a brand new remote from Cox. The problem appears to be the DVR. Does anyone know what I can do to get it working? I have tried rebooting it. If it's broke, does anyone think that I would I be able to get a new DVR and switch hard drives so that I can keep everything...
I'm having a problem using the CapDVHS utility on Win XP SP2 described at the beginning of this thread on my Motorola DCT6416. I have it hooked up via Firewire like it describes. The problem is that it won't record anything with the CapDVHS. Actually, it will record certain channels, but not others. Going to the Data Info tab, it won't show anything there, except on those certain channels. So, I put the cablebox on 1 of those channels that it won't record, turned...
New Posts  All Forums: