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I just saw a friends using the Blu-Ray Player Software that's included with Nero 12 Premium. I didn't have time to have a good look at it but on first look picture quality and options seemed ok. The interface also reacted really quickly. It looks like you don't have to activate Hardware Accerlation to watch Blu-Rays, something that only works with TMT5 as well. Do any of you guys know how the Nero Blu-Ray Software compares to TMT5, PowerDVD and Corel? Thanks
Trailer and Pictures for Season 2 on Blu-Ray: TrekCore.com
According to the german side bluray-disc.de the Disc will come out on December 15th and contain the episodes: Encouter at Farpoint 1 & 2 Sins of the Father The Inner Light
The German Peacekeeper Wars Blu-Ray suffers from really bad picture quality. I still don't know if the picture has just been DNR'd to death or if it is an upconversion. It's not worth buying in my opinon. If that's the quality we can expect from the Season releases I will happily pass and stick with my Starburst DVDs.
I really hope there not just going to release upscaled versions of the first three seasons. If I remember correctly all FX shots for those seasons were done on video which means they would all have to be redone...
I have got an issue with TMT 5 and my Asus Xonar D2-Audio Card. I'm using two programs to watch Blu-Rays: TMT 5 and Corel WinDVD 2010. When I'm using WinDVD with the soundcard (current drivers) and the Output-Mode set to my 5.1 Speaker-System (Logitech Z-5500) the sound is fine. However when I'm using TMT 5 with the same settings the sound just lacks a certain punch. Sorry, I realize that's not a very technical description but it fits. With WinDVD the sound is louder...
It seems it is available worldwide now. Does anyone have this already?
Thanks for the review. The UK-Version had the rear-channels swaped when it was released. I suppose this has been fixed for this release?
Just watched Generations with it and had no problems.
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