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Any further word on this player being upgradeable to 2.0? I know there has been much speculation. This capability may put me over the edge. I'm an XA-2 owner and in need of a blu player. This thread is one of the best threads for HD media players. I'd like to thank all of you frequent contibuters.
1.1 is what it seemed like according to this forum (which I trust). However, Tom's definitley says there is an Ethernet port on these devices.
I saw a posting on Tom's Hardware that implies these new Pioneer BD Players are Bonus View (term to replace BD-Live). Never heard this term before. The new players have an ethernet port according to Tom's. Are they going to be 2.0? http://www.tomsguide.com/us/pioneer-...news-1273.html
My folks use Comcast and have a Comcast DVR. They want to install a Tivo HD on a second TV and Comcast (Hayward) plans to charge them $6.99 per month for two cable cards. This seems ridiculous. Anyone else have a secondary TV using cable cards? How much? I only have one TV with a Series 3 Tivo and I get charged $1.79 per month for the dual cable cards. Thank you.
I'd read earlier in this post that the 800 series would be cablecard compliant.However, I can't find anything to support this. Anyone know if the 800u will have a cablecard slot?
Here's their first reponse. I'll post more as I intend for them to actually answer my questions.
Is there a concerted or organized effort here in the Bay Area to complain about the new triple HD channel to one 38.8 MHz QAM channel mapping exposed by bfdtv here? http://www.avsforum.com/avs-vb/showthread.php?t=1008271 I'm seriously bummed about reduced HD picture quality. If I didn't own a Series 3 Tivo, I would be calling D* this evening to switch back. A came over to Comcast a year ago for the better PQ and the Series 3.
I have both comcast and OTA so I'll do a channel to channel comparison to make sure its the tivo, or the original signal, and not comcast's signal. Thanks for the heads up on the comcast compression. I'm going to investigate this further and will again weigh these issues before deciding which Panasonic or Kuro to purchase.
I think the cablecard discussion is very important. I was not considering Panasonic for my upcoming plasma purchase due to the lack of cablecard. I have a series 3 tivo connected to Comcast and there is definitiely a loss of picture quality on fast moving HD material. I really want a plasma that will read the encrypted cable signal and feed it directly to the TV. Now Panasonic is back in the running against the Kuro. If Panasonic implements cablecard with two-way...
One benefit of being on the west coast...
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