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How do I do a factory reset? I'm troubleshooting and want to restore to all default settings. I have F/W 9 1.01.
I have run the test tones and gotten sound from all other speakers (6.1 configuration) except for the subwoofer.
I have in plugged into the SUBWOOFER (purple) RCA jack in the PRE OUT area (furthest right when looking at the back of the unit). I have turned on the subwoofer (YES and USE) via the settings menu and selected 80Hz(THX), THX certified to OFF. I have not run the audio setup with the included mic yet.
Cannot get output to my subwoofer (Axiom EP-500). I have it connected the the subwoofer pre-out with an Axiom RCA cable which I know is good (tested it myself). I tried a different RCA cable but still no subwoofer output. I have version 9 1.01 F/W. Any ideas?
I have ordered the NR905. I have 1/4 inch spade cables. Can I use single or dual bananna plugs? From the pictures I don't think spade adapters will work... Cheers, Gary W.
Gonna power mine with the NR905. It's on back order right, but I'm in no rush. Still have some painting left to do and other odd chores before the familyroom is ready to rumble. Cheers, Gary W.
The Epic 60-500 6.1 consists of: 2 Tower Speakers - M60 3 Surrounds - QS8 Center - VP150 Subwoofer - EP500 The only way to determine if the bookshelf speakers are "bright" is to audition them yourself; there's no substitute better than your own ears. Cheers, Gary W.
Been looking around for an Axiom owner's thread and didn't find one, so I created this one. I recently upgraded from a Panasonic stereo to an Epic 60-600 in a 6.1 configuration (black oak with black grills). I have yet to receive my A/V receiver (Onkyo TX-NR905) and TV (Mitsubishi WD-57833) to complete the setup. I intend to get on the the hybrid Blu-Ray / HD DVD players in the near future to complete the arrangement. Cheers, Gary W.
With all of the aforementioned issues with clouding and stuck pixels, would you recommend the 46XBR3? Or wait for the new models with the 120Hz refresh rates?
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