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Thanks, but I'm thinking 720p minimum...since the Z3 is 720p.Z60 seems to be the obvious choice...but I'm sure there are others.
I upgraded to the Epson TW4000 last December, and brought my parents my old Sanyo Z3 when I visited home for Christmas last year. I'm not able to head back this year, but the bulb finally died on the Z3 last weekend, and they want to upgrade to a slightly better projector rather than a new bulb for the Z3 if they can get a decent 720p (or better) projector for a reasonable price. They want something they can put on the shelf in the same place as the current Z3, roughly...
I tried finding an explanation of the difference between the different versions of firmware, but couldn't. Does anyone know what the differences are, and if a new version is being worked on?
FI definitely adds lag. If you want to avoid lag, keep FI off, regardless of the projector.
Whoa, I gotta keep up with AVS a little more if I'm being talked about...Actually, I spoke with Moa about this through e-mail, and as of now, I don't know of anyone who knows how you update/change the firmware. I'm fine with living with Japanese menus, as they're pretty limited and simple once you get used to it. (The US manual might be of help for some trying to navigate it for the first time) However, I am interested in hearing whether or not the FI and or image lag...
NG. None of the "120 Hz" LCD projectors can actually handle a 120 Hz video signal at 120 fps. This isn't limited to the Sanyo.
Absolutely, there will be a big difference. I've seen the 6100, and I'd say it's a substantial step down from the 1080UB.The 6500/7500 use inorganic panel technology that Epson, Sanyo and Panasonic have put into every 1080p projector before this generation. The latest generation of the panels are what make the 6500UB capable of outperforming the 1080UB (to oversimplify).The Sanyo Z700 and the Epson 6100/7100 both use organic panels (the same old technology used in 720p...
Very cool. Looking forward to the pics when you get a chance.In retrospect, it looks like the 1080UB would have been the best mix of minimal image lag and performance for the highly, highly sensitive, but I've been pretty blissfully happy with my TW4000. Looks like Epson and Sanyo are the way to go for gamers this year too, it's just a question of 6500/3000 Vs. 6100/700, and how much that extra fraction of a second matters.
Well...they realized they had a lag problem and created a mode that minimized it...that I can definitely appreciate. What bugs me is people thinking the Panasonic is probably the best LCD projector for gaming because it's the only one that has a gaming mode. (Understandable based on how they market it.)Looking forward to seeing how the Epson 6100 and Sanyo Z700 perform, with photographed tests, if someone has a chance.
I think the above poster is talking about image lag from the projector. Pretty much any current home theater projector gives a great image for HD gaming, since color accuracy isn't nearly as important as with film. There's an image lag thread, but no info on most of the new projectors yet, but it's looking like they'll all be slower than last year's 1080UB and Z2000.
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