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Posted elsewhere FWIW KZ2 review for Gamepro Pros: Fantastic single-player campaign; even better multiplayer; amazing graphics Cons: Frame rate issues when loading new areas; ugly menus; weapon aiming system can be frustrating The review itself isn't very interesting, but I'll post a few interesting quotes... "A PS3 shooter good enough to turn Master Chief green with envy." "...already reeks of shooter of the year." "...face-meltingly intense...
fitty cent >>>> kz2 reserving 2 copies now
Rb 2 yay!
same here. Took me a while to beat it too... Maybe an hour or two a few days a week for a few weeks. lol.
It makes sense.... After all, they were hyping up the ipod partnership in mgs4.
I dont care for it. It shows some promise for some people (maybe 10% of ps3 users will use it as intended), but requires A LOT of changes & fixes.
wow.... sony to be selling virtual girlscout cookies. wat a rip!
^ Only reason to take out the snipers is there's one named sniper at the end of the cliff. I think you get a pretty decent sniper rifle for killing him. Killing them are really easy too.... execution style from behind.
that one is pretty easy. Deploy mainly scouts and maybe one sniper, one engineer, one lancer. Just make a straight beeline for the tank with welk & alicia. Use one scout to kill all the snipers pointed towards welk. (dont really have to do this) Keep all your troops out of the range of their shocktroopers, as they use the atk-down status effect (which is annoying). use your scouts to create a "front" behind a line of barricades outside the range of...
I think that "gimping" is too harsh a word, but like #1 said, a lot of devs have expressed concern about the disk space and having to cut back on something or another. So yeah, it has affected games, but hardly "crippling" them.
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