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Good to know! I'm actually looking at a new Aquos now.Thanks!
Thanks for the info. I was actually talking about switching from hdmi to hdmi. That's why I couldn't believe the lag I have but I guess it still has to "figure out" what the signal is because of upconverting.I think I'm gonna go with it!
Yes, obviously I wouldn't use the "network stuff" if I didn't want to , I would think that's called common sense but I was asking to see if Pioneer still makes another model without it as I can't seem to find one. What they need to do is make a receiver with Google TV built into it so GTV would be available from any input. That I would buy in a heartbeat.I assume you mean it doesn't display volume when changing the volume?? Wouldn't want to see it when changing channels...
I'm thinking of getting this to replace my VSX-01TXH. I don't care at all about the network service. I dont use iDevices so couldn't care less about airplay features. Unfortunately I can't seem to find a 7.1 Pioneer receiver without these features these days. All I care about is the sound, seems to be good from reading this thread. Also, I would like actual on-screen display, meaning if I raise the volume, I want to see it on the screen just like raising the actual tv...
LG. The "50" series I know for sure has rs-232 and an 1/8" IR input. Probably other LG series do too but I just bought a 50 series for my mother and couldnt believe it had 2 forms of control on it. 50 series as in model # 47LG50
It's not the Creston module, it's the 128 bp. It won't let any system control anything but the first partition.
Hello Does anyone know if the omnistats are "backward" compatible?? What I mean is, if my furnace only needs a RC-80B, can I still use a RC-112B on it?? The 112 is a dual stage tstat and I have a single stage furnace. Thanks.
About $100.00 plus a zwave light switch. http://www.controlthink.com/
The Webdt 880 is a Win CE device with an 8" screen for around $12-1400.00. If your app can run on ce it might not be a bad idea. You can get them at www.cortexatechnology.com
and theres nothing wrong with helping someone else out also.
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