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Absolutely, but it is what it is and we have to deal with it as best we can. My V10 was also significantly more quiet in the same location.Could be the cavity depth. With less depth to work with, the fans may have a smaller profile in the VT60 (thinner blades). Shrinking fans tends to equal more noise.
I can definitely hear the fans in my Oct built (fixed) 65VT60. Its the environment that enhances them though. Bare walls and a 1.5ft gap between the wall and the back of the TV. Its like one big soundboard. People with big heavy curtains and furnishings behind their TVs are unlikely to ever be bothered by the fans. I have bias lighting, so its not really an option for me. But I think some small traps for each fan can make a big difference. I'll have to do some experimenting.
Custom built.
I've installed my 65VT60 on to a 65ST50 base. I borrowed my friend's ST base and was initially deterred by the fact that the brackets taper slightly differently towards the bottom (illustrated in this pic). But because I was forced to remove the TV from the VT60's base to make some adjustments, I tried it and found it actually works rather well. It is even more stable than the VT60 base. This has not only lowered the screen so that I don't have to look up at it, but...
Distance has no bearing on stock allocation. The North American markets have their units assembled in Mexico. Australia has theirs assembled in Thailand.What is more likely is that because Oceania/Asia has a very different retail cycle compared to north america, stock could continue to arrive well into April/May in those territories.North america will start seeing 2014 models many months ahead of Asia. If Panasonic cuts off the supply of 2013 pdps in Asia now, then there...
Perhaps its different on the 60", but on my 65", there is a tab on the plastic cover which made a click when the TV settled on the pedestal.
Yip, thats it.The only other thing I can think of is to lift the TV up again and re-seat it and listen for the 'click'.
You do have the plastic cover installed don't you? Its possible to assemble the TV without the cover and screw in the bolts as I made this mistake myself due to assembling under time constraints.
Just got my unit back from repair. It suddenly turned itself off after running for a couple of hours (at low volume) and wouldn't turn back on again. No standby light. Dead. The worksheet says that the fault was traced to the standby relay (which has now been replaced). Haven't heard many cases of this particular fault, so hopefully its just bad luck, but it does make me wonder now about 'Hybrid Standby' and what impact that might have on that particular component over a...
One of them ends in a question mark.
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