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One of these things is not like the others... I wonder if Onkyo have made an error with that particular link.
If you compare the link on the Asia/Oceania site, it links to the exact same location as the US site.Europe and UK look to be hosted elsewhere, but the firmwares have identical names and sizes.I'm willing to bet that you've got a bad/incomplete download.EDIT: I stand corrected. The international site does indeed list a differently named zip file.I'm interested in knowing what the differences are now because this isn't normal practice for them.
And now spare a though for everyone outside of North America who don't have any panel brightness controls and the Pro/Custom modes are locked to Low!Thats one thing that at least they fixed with the 2013 models.So yes, you'll notice finer gradation with Low, but you'll get that poor mll as a tradeoff.Its quirks like this (the red spike) that really make the case for a 3D LUT box.
You best measure mll before you go down that road. You'll see what I mean.
I find the same thing on my GT50 in THX Cinema (which can only do 2-point of course). I have 0% and 10% without any red tint whatsover but throwing up a 5% pattern the red tint is as plain as day to see, let alone measure.THX Cinema is of course Warm (2) colour temp and there is no way to change it, so perhaps this (combined with Mid panel brightness) is just how these panels behave?
So whats your alternative cause?
This year, more than any other, the perform and the controls between the various regions are closer than they ever have been. Yes, there are differences, but its nothing that anyone without half a brain and a little bit of careful reading of the manuals couldn't work out for themselves.Why AVforums chose such a low contast, I have no idea. But to extrapolate that to equal a fundamental difference between regions, rather than fundamental differences between...
Normal transmission has resumed.
I did receive an email notification for this thread and a couple of other threads I'm subscribed to. But there are another ten or more threads that I haven't received notifications for in the last 24 hours.
The large deadzone with the dualshock sticks is well known and is the reason you don't notice it so much with the movement test. A better demonstration would be to spin the camera with the stick hard-locked (so that the ingame point of view is spinning on the spot) and then release the stick.The trigger test makes the lag very obvious though. Frighteningly so. Thanks for the demo.
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