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That issue is moot to some degree on the ST30 because Game mode isn't required in order to reduce lag on the 30 series. That all changed with the 50 series last year.Of course the ST60 is still going to be superior in accuracy thanks to the ST30's complete lack of any useful calibration controls as well as its other superior attributes.
I believe you have to rename the input on the Samsungs to 'PC' in order to get its least laggy performance. I doubt Cnet were aware of that trick.
I fear that Sony's impressive input lag on this year's models is pre-emptive. They've got a new console coming that captures and uploads gameplay footage to the cloud.... Lets just hope its not always buffering.
Damn. Looks like it my NZ model misses out on that feature. At least its not called WOL if it is there.
I've been there. The persistant IR seems to be a result of build-up that occurs when the TV is run after an extended period of it being off. My guess would be that when first turned on, something drives the set in a way that promotes IR until it settles down. This is a real problem when channels like ESPN are the very first thing you start watching. The bad news is (at least in my case), this will take months to clear. The good news is, it does indeed clear (took four...
Its not a premium feature only reserved for the ZT is it?Edit: Well that answers that. LOL. Ridiculous.
Have a look on AVforums. Someone has already done it. No, its a non-standard connector.
Auto-aim disabled?
Just cause it starts with an '8' doesn't mean it has any parity with the 818. Besides, there wasn't a '9' series last year, this year there is. I'm sure once the 929 details emerge, all questions will be answered.As rworne puts it, "Model Number Inflation".
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