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I was able to get the folder to be recognized properly if I re-register it. I had to remove that folder from list, apply, ok, back to main menu, then add it back in. Would be nice to just have a refresh button, but oh well. -Dave
Hi, I was wondering if anyone else had this problem and knew of a solution: I have a HDC-TM700. After copying some files to my PC, I was renaming the folder and I also copied some other files into that folder. HD Writer started not seeing my video files. All the original files are still there. I removed the ones I added and renamed the folder back, but no luck. I even tried re-installing HD Writer. The files still play in GOM Player. However I am unable to use HD...
One more thing. I searched and found this post: http://www.hardforum.com/showthread.php?t=1267056. Sounds like the OverscanUtils disables HDCP, which is no good for me. If I can't resolve I'll likely go back to the VGA cable. What a pain!
I have a similar issue w/different hardware. GC=7600GT, LCD=Magnavox 37" 720P. Using DVI->HDMI. If I use the sliders, things fit and nvidia says it's doing 1800x1016, which the magnavox then scales. When I used DVI->VGA, there was an auto-resize option on the TV and everything worked great. But I was not HDCP compliant. My driver version is (12/15/2007). I looked through the Magnavox menus and I don't see a "just scan" or dot-by-dot option....
Hi, this is a great thread. I just ordered a Blu-Ray drive from nowdirect for $157 shippped. From what I can tell, I need the Nero-8 and the plug-in. Nero-8 on Ebay is ~15 and the plug-in is $30 direct from Nero. My question: are these the cheapest sources? Thanks! -Dave
Greetings, antennaweb says I should get a medium directional uhf/vhf combo for my roof. My question: where is a good place to go locally in PDX? I bet radioshack has them. Is there anywhere else that I should visit? Thanks a bunch!
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