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Hmmm...you are making it difficult for me to hold out for a straight up price drop! Although, the Titanfall and Forza bundles were a price drop of sorts...
Hey, nice setup! Are those Infinity IL30s or IL40s? I have the IL40s. I've had them for I think around 13 years now. I kinda wish they would die already, so I could buy something new, but I'm having a hard time just giving or throwing them away as they still work and sound good. I also picked up a refurbed Infinity C360 center speaker from the Infinity E-bay store, for like $125 dollars or so, when I decided to go 5.1 and eventually 5.2. I had the orignal light grey...
lol, and then is still behind the times in ease of use even after many patches. Not so much GT6, but I thought GT5 was waaaay archaic, the way the multiplayer worked. Or was that GT5 Prologue? Either way!
My story is similar, except the 2 that I would like to get hold of would be Titanfall and Forza 5. But like you say, $500 plus XBL, plus the play and charge kit(s) (stupid), plus another controller, for two games....not convinced yet.
lol, I watched that through a good 5 or 6 cycles, laughing the whole time. I have to say, I'm still watching and waiting on the XBone. If it wasn't more expensive, and more expensive even for the controller kit charger thing, I'd probably definitely get it, but some of the Microsoft things just rub me the wrong way. Having said that, if Titanfall is a win, I'd love to get a hold of that and some Forza 5. I'd really like to compare that to Gran Turismo on my own.
I agree somewhat, regarding the pricing, but watching that one trailer, it does look pretty good. I played it already on PS3. If I hadn't I might be tempted to buy it, just to have something additional to play on the PS4. Still, I hope enough people do buy it for them to make their money back.
Haven't followed this thread from the beginning, so hopefully this hasn't been said already. At night, I use my PS3/PS4 internet browser for all my gaming news updates, some AVS Forum perusing, Amazon viewing, etc. The PS3 browser while not fully compatible with a lot of sites, is still pretty responsive, with a good internet connection. The PS4 on the other hand while being fully compatible with more sites, seems to be sluggiish in switching pages/websites. It will...
lol, could you grab me an XBone too, while you are at it? I'm still on the fence about picking it up myself. We'll see how Titanfall looks and plays. Loving BF4 on the PS4 though, and definitely plenty of PS3 games left in the backlog, but I love that new stuff too!
Intentional or not, the end result is the same! Consumers who believed in and took a chance on his product are out money. Good business man or not, if he was that decent of a person, he should have manned up and admitted that the bottom had fell out of his business, and as a result he was going to have to , blah, blah, blah! Even now, he's trying to sell stuff off. All the unreturned calls and emails are absolutely unacceptable, especially for a business that relies on...
All my digital games are locked out because PSN is down! WTF! Anyone else experieng this? Battlefield, Resogun, Contrast, Warframe. Is this because I play on my non primary PS4? The kids have the primary. If so, this control scheme is weak as fu#*! It tells me the games are unavailable because there is no internet connection and license can't be verified.
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