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192/24 stereo is possible and will require data bandwidth of ca. 9.2 Mbps in LPCM format. About half less when MLP (lossless) encoded.http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/DVD-Audio#Audio_specificationsIf you like to author your own real DVD-Audio discs you can start with freeware software DVD audio Tools.http://dvd-audio.sourceforge.net/You need real DVD-Audio player. Typical DVD-Video player can not read these discs. Audio is stored in AUDIO_TS folder on the disc where as video...
Are your 192 kHz files 2 channel stereo or multichannel? I think DVD-Audio specification only supports up to 96kHz 24-bit 5.1 audio in lossless MLP format. I have made several custom DVD-Audio discs. Bitrate maximum is around 9.8-10 Mbps so multichannel 192 kHz will surely exceed that limitation. If I remember correctly 192 kHz/24-bit stereo might be supported but I'm not sure.
Regarding this BD83 loader issue. Is this issue in every 83 ever manufactured? Will loader fail eventually or was some later batches fixed with proper loader mechanism? I'm asking this because I have a BD83 which I bought very late. It was maybe 3-4 months before the BD83 was discontinued and replaced by BD93. So if I happen to have late model will its loader eventually fail. No problems so far . Can I identify manufacturing date from serial number or maybe models not...
I got the impression that screen caps of the new transfer are already online but I did not find any floating around. Could someone link the screen caps here?
No reason really . I have usually set the player to region A prior the fw update because its player's native region. But I have also made at least two updates player set to region B without any problems.
I updated the latest official FW during the weekend. No problemos here regarding the BD region change. Everything works as before. No need to do "Load factory defaults" everytime I change region as reported by some. I tested the functionality with region A only (Criterion's Three outlaw samurai) and region B (Eureka's Shogun assassin) only discs. Before the FW update I set the player in region A mode.
Surprise surprise. I got lengthy reply immediately. Main points they claim. -There are no known issues -They have only got one complaint so far (reset factory defaults needed after region change) -They cannot reproduce this issue on their Oppo 83 -Other similar chips are copies of theirs and it is highly unlikely that they would work but theirs would not (because essentially they are same hw). -They ask me if I could test the region change through a special factory...
I just emailed bluraychip.dk if they are aware of this problem. I know other people have already tried to contact them without success so I don't see why they would answer me. But you never know. Bluraychip.dk is having radio silence because they boldly promised "This hardware kit is guaranteed to work with all existing and upcoming firmwares from Oppo."
Did the recent Official FW fix the issues introduced by the latest Beta FW?
Can someone confirm whether the Danish mod is now working properly or not. Thanks.
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