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Just got an email. They're doing another push to clearance woofers on their blog.
Download it...instructions are in the first post.
No, it's not.
I'm well aware of the workaround...I'm just wondering who is at fault and who is most likely to fix the problem. In my case that's Oppo or Denon.
Regarding the audio issues on the Monsters University disc where the fix is to use multi-channel LPCM instead of bitstream...would the fix for that come from Oppo or Denon (for my receiver)?
I use the brackets to get the tweeters to aim more to ear height. And yes, I notice a difference.
Good job having Chad's back. I'm sure you'll be rewarded for it in the next life.
My daughter knocked over my Rosenut Studio 60 and scratched the side. Does Paradigm sell any kind of touch up stain for the Rosenut finish?
Definitely not a power issue. The fact that someone had to upgrade to the XPR is hilarious. You didn't mention what you have your speakers set to (large or small). If you have them set to small what crossover setting? I have a similar setup with the 690, an XT32 capable receiver running as a pre/pro with an XPA-5 amp. I've watched both those movies and they both sounded awesome. They both also sounded awesome when I had my Marantz AV-7005 with MultEQ XT.
New Posts  All Forums: