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Thanks for the info. Anyone know if I can price match this online with Best Buy or would it only work in store?
Whose price was at $1599 that Best buy PM'ed?
Is it a pain to return to amazon if you have uniformity issues or anytning like that?
Do you use Game mode for Xbox One and PS4?
Finally pulled the trigger on this TV. Can't wait until it gets here Thursday. I have a few questions maybe someone can help me out with. What's the best way to check for clouding, flashlighting, screen uniformity, etc.? Another question I have and I know its subjective, but can anyone recommend me some settings I can try out? Also, what setting do you use for your PS4 and Xbox One? And do you use the same settings for viewing Blu-rays on those devices? Any info would help.
So if I purchase from Best Buy, they will have no issues replacing it if there is clouding or any kind of issues? If so how long do they give you for this?One more question for anyone that used the Square Trade warranty. I can buy this off of Costco's site for $100 and I will be covered for 4 years total (including manufacture warranty)? It does not matter if I buy the TV from Best Buy when buying the Square Trade warranty from Costco correct? Thanks in advance for any help.
Anyone see any price drops or sales for Black Friday?
I been waiting until Black Friday to purchase this tv. I've seen some negative remarks the last few weeks. Owners that game and watch sports, are there issues with motion blur?
Should I wait to see if there are any deals on this TV during the holidays or just pull the trigger now? I also can wait until January if there are usually drops then. What does everyone think?
I never used a Square Trade warranty before. How reliable are they compared to a Sony or store bought warranty?
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