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OP, your use case is a common use case. Your receiver supports hdmi standby passthrough, so it should be fine. I would suggest you to invest in a Logitech harmony universal remote (cheaper if only infrared, otherwise if not in line of sight then go for rf) and setup two separate macro on without switching on the receiver and one with switching on the receiver. Also you can set the order of the devices to be powered on, to eliminate any hdmi handshake issue.
Your tv doesn't seem to accept 1080p signal and probably accepts only 1080i/720p signal. If you change the default video output to anything other than 1080p it's going to be fine. This happened with my ancient olevia tv with my older HK receiver with ps3 as audio/video source. Once I set the video output to 1080i the problem got solved.
I gave up on my requirement of hdmi pass through and got the harman kardon 1700. Impressive sound and runs a lot cooler than my previous receiver. It's able to drive the tv via a 50' hdmi cable. The Yamaha failed on that. My previous HK receiver was able to drive it with ease, so when I saw the deal for HK, I thought of trying that. For pass through feature, I have decided to fish another 50' hdmi cable from the closet to tv dedicated for my dish network receiver and the...
Yes CM7001 would work as well and so would be the DTVPal DVR. The ARC feature is a new feature useful for people with OTA connection to TV or apps (e.g. netflix, amazon VOD) within TV sending the audio channel to the receiver. As you can imagine, the standard might have dictated something and the implementation might be conforming to the standard and still pass "more" on top of the standard. Disclaimer: I don't have ARC capable tv or receiver, so I am not the best person...
Your options are limited if you need 5.1. But you can go with (1) Samsung DTB260F (truly independent) (2) New Boxee box (3) simple.tv with Roku (not sure whether you will get 5.1)
If your TV supports ARC (Audio Return channel), enable it via the menu and connect the receiver to the TV via a HDMI cable which supports AC.
This is also a dream amp setup for me. Tube amp has certain noise, which really clicks with me. Sometime back I have seen an ad of barebone PC setup with tube amp. I have to search to see if it came into production or not.
Hooked up the avr1700 today. The sound quality is exactly same as avr254. It sounds more powerful than 254 but by not much. At -19db volume level it filled up my entire basement. With the avr254 it needed level around -17db. I ran the receiver in 2 channel mode for both with two infinity primus tower and a harman kardon active subwoofer. I didn't do any eq adjustment or bass/ treble adjustment. It sounded great without any adjustment. I am glad that I could score a AVR...
No you need display.. the iOS/android app is not rich enough yet to fully control from smartphone. That's why I suggested to attach a $20 LCD display. On a second thought lot of receivers these days are integrating network features including internet radio. If those are used, then even wdtv/ATV are not needed, but my understanding is that those will also need displays to effectively browse through various internet radio stations. I suggested WDTV Live SMP, because it can...
+1.. I suggested WDTV in a similar thread in the media streamer forum and got snubbed by Sonos/Logitech Squeezebox fanboys (of course they need to defend their purchase). here is the thread in case you want a simple and economic solution:http://www.avsforum.com/t/1403726/whole-home-music-cheaper-alternative-to-sonos#post_22315139
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