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Although the receiver is removed from the website, few bestbuy still have them in stock. Some have it as open box (usually the last piece for $169), and some have it as brand new ($199). If you ask a sales associate, he can look up the models in all nearby bestbuy store (although its not there in the website) and reserve one for you (essentially buy it as mail order). This is how I bought it in Howell NJ store, where they located four pieces in Manalapan, NJ BB and one in...
AVR 254 has up scaling feature for analog video input as well as you can have a combination of hdmi video and analog audio together. It's heavier compared to AVR 1700. I got the AVR 1700 today, haven't unboxed it though. I have now shifted the avr254 to my basement to drive two tower speakers. In terms of sound quality for music, AVR254 is a beast. It still going strong for me after 3 years.
If you don't need lot of features like ARC, standby pass through, you can score a harman kardon AVR 1700 for $199 in bb. I got one today.
Sell it off. IMO, it's not worth dealing with power supply converter along with receiver. In the process you can upgrade to the latest receiver offerings.
Are there any AVR1513 owner using long run HDMI cable (say 50ft) to TV from receiver? The reason I am asking is because, I am suspecting that the entry level receivers might not have HDMI repeating capability present in mid range receiver because of cost cutting. Please say that I am wrong. I can of course upgrade to a mid range receiver with more features and hope that HDMI length is non issue there. but after my experience with an Yamaha entry level receiver, I am now in...
Followup on my part and will probably help people with similar setup. I cancelled the Denon order and got the Yamaha RX-V371BL instead. The receiver can't output HDMI if HDMI cable length is more than 5m/16ft (mentioned in the manual in a fine print) - but not described anywhere. All my AV sources are in a closet and a 50ft HDMI cable goes to the TV. This setup works with direct connection from AV source to TV or via my current Harman Kardon receiver AVR254. The reason for...
I don't have room problem. My current family room is 13x15 rectangle with one opening in the side. I have used the harman kardons version of speaker setup in my previous apartment with the supplied microphone like device. I didn't like the end results. I have never used Audyssey so not sure how it works. I trust my own ears to setup the speaker distance, crossover etc. I am more concerned on music sound quality in a budget.
I am feeling a little buyer remorse after I ordered the Denon. Currently I have HK AVR254 which I absolutely love. However I don't have budget to spend on another HK receiver and for my family room I need standby hdmi pass through feature. Family room has HKTS 18 speaker. Basement has infinity primus P363 tower, which I am currently driving via a tripath amplifier from eBay. I am arranging NYE party in the basement so need a dedicated receiver. I love warm sound with...
If you can add a display near your receiver, you can use wdtv. Wdtv can stream from NFS as well as samba mount. It also does most of the internet radio including spotify (need premium sub). Wdtv has both iOS and android app, but you still need a display like at least a 7" LCD ($20 in amazon/eBay) or better a tv to browse between various apps.
I'm going to take a chance on the infinity with volume not more than 50%, until I buy another 4 ohm receiver. Also I am going to habe the sub and crossover set. This way I can minimize the risks. The infinity is now in fry for 110.
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