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@JChin: Thank you for the heads up. I ordered two P363. Will see how they sound.. was going for the Polk 70s. But I always had a soft corner for infinitiy/JBL/HK. I had the infinity speakers in my previous Sonata Ltd and they sounded awesome in the car. Currently I have both Harman Kardon speakers (HKTS 18) and receivers and they sound great too.
Hey GusGus.. you are a valuable contributor in the streaming forum.. saying Hi to you.. did you do any comparison with the infinity primus P363 tower speakers (available in amazon for about $200). I really like the "brightness" of the infinity/JBL/HK speakers/receiver. Whatever bit I have heard, Polk seemed to be too conservative for me. Although I didnt hear Monitor 70, probably lower end Polks. I have HKTS 18 in my family room as surround. I like it a lot and sounds good...
You can use movie sheets with thumbgen to generate metadata and cover art which wdtv can understand. Yes it may not be as intuitive as plex or xbmc, but it surely works and you will have more control on the metadata once you get a hang of the whole process.
The problems are most likely coming from android. I guess this is why pivos Xios runs better in xbmc Linux than xbmc android.
Netflix has subtitles with 5.1 and 1080p. The interface looks exactly like ps3.
One more solution - I am using this. Get a WDTV SMP for $80 and a pocket sized lcd monitor from amazon/ebay/dealxtreme etc for about $20. All your local music collection is accessible now along with internet radios like pandora, shoutcast, live365 etc. If you want to splurge little bit (I did), you can take spotify premium subscription for $9.99 per month and then you have all music at your fingertips streamed from the cloud. spotify can also clean your local mp3...
As I understand your setup is like this: (master closet)cable modem -> router ->switch-> multiple rooms including living room (outer subnet in gigabit) living room->10/100 switch-> multiple devices(NAS, ntv550, xbox, direcTV) (inner subnet in 10/100) You can simplify the number of hops through switch and router by reducing the router and switches as long as the number of devices at any room is not more than 4 or if the number of rooms where network outlet is present is...
I also moved to a new house and this is how my house is wired. Cat5 to family room, master bed room and office. All the three wires had open ends at basement. So I put a cable modem and a router acting as switch and router. In my family room closet I put one more router as bridge (also with 802.11n enabled to serve phones, laptop and tablets) so that multiple devices - ps3, htpc, Sony blu-ray player and another set top box are all in the same subnet as my other Sony...
This is not going to work with your Terk Antenna for TV content. Your cable box and Satellite box HDMI output passes through this box, enabling you to PIP and content search/aggregation (not sure how they do it.. probably using IR blaster or so). This is more a competitor to Roku and other google TV boxes. I didn't see any reference or menu options for local streaming. So XBMC in google play is your best bet for local streaming.
I ordered the WD TV Live and cancelled it yesterday after seeing seeing the notification for the alpha build of XIOS and am planning to wait. For me ISO file support is not that important. However multi-channel support (at least 5.1) with scraping support are the must have feature. I waiting on the Vizio too to see how they deliver on local content streaming.
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