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'The Nut Job' has one surprise around 42min when the dynamite goes off....... Cheers
Pretty sure they were one in the same. The -3dB volume drop on the front left and right channels was due to the remapping feature which was mixing the side channels into those front channels.It's a common practice when mixing channels to drop the levels by 3dB prior to mixing so any phase correlated signals don't clip when mixed.Cheers
Oh, and it wasn't the center channel as I recall, it was the front left and right channel being reduced by -3dB due to the remapping of side surrounds into those channels. Although the fix iirc was to increase "fronts" by +3dB and reduce "center" by -3dB so the end result was just increasing the front left and right channels by +3dB and the center channel stayed at the same level. Cheers
Not as I recall.I believe 3.09 disabled the DTS-HDMA remapping feature completely, which was a temporary fix but rendered the D2v not compliant with the DTS standards.3.09h or j onwards included a DTS certified fix for remapping and enabled the feature.Basically the last official 3.09 release for non 3D units does not comply with DTS standards. Personally this is the firmware I'm running as I prefer to load only official releases, so I'd also really like to have an...
Well that put my suggestion off the table, thanks for the info Bob Cheers
That cable may not help, it will work on its own but if daisy chained with a long cable may cause issues.Most short HDMI cables will be around 30awg or higher, I used a 3ft 24awg HDMI cable to fix the issue.......like this one http://www.monoprice.com/Product?c_id=102&cp_id=10240&cs_id=1024012&p_id=4157&seq=1&format=2&utm_expid=58369800-11.R-enhtUGRrSdHz5vzpVS2g.0&utm_referrer=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.monoprice.com%2FSearch%2FIndex%3Fkeyword%3D24awg%2BHDMI%2BcableCheers
Not sure if the D2v passthrough for 3D has a signal amplifier or not, but if it doesn't it can make connecting a bit of a headache. I came upon this 'HDMI sparkles' issue years ago when I introduced a simple HDMI switch into my system. Because it had no signal amplifier built in, the short HDMI lead and the long lead up to the projector didn't play nice. Think of it this way, a short HDMI cable can use thinner gauge (higher resistance) wire since it only a short run....
Yeah, that's probably it, pretty mild but just only really remembered it because it was the only oneCheers
Yeah, pretty much ho-hum with no ULF..........except for once!Somewhere near the end of the movie, didn't take note of the time stamp, it was unexpected because there was bugger all ULF in the rest of the movie. And from what I recall there wasn't anything special about the particular scene either that would warrant it in comparison to the rest of the movie.Cheers
You'll only use the output from the D2v.Basically:D2v SUB output -> MiniDSP input, then MiniDSP output -> SubMersive inputWether you use the balanced XLR connections on the D2v and SubMersive along with XLR to RCA adapters or just run RCA from the D2v to the MiniDSP then to the SubMersives is up to you. But the noise rejection benefits from using an active balanced XLR connection will not occur in either case due to the MiniDSP being RCA.I'm guessing you've already got the...
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